Lotions and Potions!

I was reading an article the other day about myths and fallacies of facial creams. At one point, the writer questioned the need for a special eye cream when the face cream/moisturiser could do the job.

I already knew this fact and it got me thinking about many unnecessary creams in the market.

I never saw the need to buy a separate cream for the eye area and saw it as a ploy by creators, to milk us women dry by assailing our vanity. Our vanity has made clever marketers become unreasonably exploitative. I know the modern man too has become rather vain.  It is evident with abundance of products out there for the male species and the line seem to be expanding at a rapid speed. BTW, this has made some men look more polished and smooth skinned than women. J

I think I digressed a bit there. I am not talking about men’s beauty products.

I am questioning the need for a special eye cream on the market (and creams for specific areas on the face & for specific purposes) and why women allow themselves to be fooled day in and day out. Me (not to the full extent) included!

I have never bought an eye cream but I have come to own eye creams with periodical deals with my regular beauty potions. Eg; buy all three (moisturiser, night cream and eye cream) and get for less than half price. So I go, umm… I don’t really want the eye cream but I can do with the other two and the price of the deal (most of the time) is cheaper than buying the two products (I want) separately. I get the eye cream free. No harm there.

These deals happen closer to Mother’s Day, Christmas, and maybe Valentine’s Day.

Even though I did not want or need the eye cream, I come home and happily slap it around the eyes, thinking, “Oh what the heck, it was free.”

Eye creams have done squat around my eyes. I have never seen any visible benefits. Still I use it until I see the bottom of the jar.

What can I say? It was free! J Then there’s the cleansing cream and make-up remover. Wouldn’t the first do the same as the other? Do we really need to buy a separate make-up remover?  What about mascara/eye make-up remover? Why buy this when you can use your face cream or good old fashioned Sorbolene cream or even baby oil to remove mascara?Which are fraction of the price of above creams. I am not sure about using the cleansing cream here as it could be too harsh around the eye. 

Yep, as women we have been had!

There is one thing I can vouch for though.  Retin-A! 

Face cream with Retin-A as a main ingredient does wonders to the skin.

No kidding!


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  1. the_jester on

    Well, Men have known, since the launch of all types of facial creams, that they have no effect on our tougher(more durable, but still sexy) skin…. Maybe it was a guy who invented it? And he thinks “Only people I can sell this to is women….” =D hehehe…

  2. mia on

    Very funny jester 🙂

    But seriously more and more men are using face creams now. Maybe not as much as women.

  3. Angel Eyes on

    Hey Mia,

    Thanks for the insight in this line, believe it or not I am rather blank when it comes to this topic coz I don’t use any face creams as I have pimples (not whole heaps though) and coz I am mortified that the pimples will increase and leave me looking like count Dracula …. I never used face creams coz I have heard people say that moisturisers increase pimples. God in heaven only know whether that is true but I sure don’t want to try to experiment. If you happen to have any beauty tips for people like me please do share it as I am all ears…

  4. mia on

    Hi Angel Eyes,
    I am glad if my artical helps even one person. Founder of the Body Shop Empire famously talked about the myths of beauty products couple of years ago.Now that is irony.
    I think it is a smart move to refrain from using creams if you have pimples. If you are living in SL then you would not want to use heavy moisturises anyway. Our weather is such that would only clog your pores resulting in pimples and blemishes. If you have very dry skin, then may be a light moisturiser.
    I have seen a pimple treatment infomercial on TV. I have not paid much attention to the brand.
    I will pay attention next time and let you know of the brand. They interview many famous people and show their before and after faces. The results are exceptional. I can only hope these famous men and women were not paid x amount of $$$ to say things.
    However if you don’t have a lot of pimples, best thing is, leave them be. Don’t touch them. Don’t try to break them. It will only make them worse and leave you with blemishes. I know it is easier said than done. I still remember the psychological effect of pimples. Especially if you have to go out.
    If it’s really worrying you, then the best thing is to see a dermatologist. He/she will most
    probably prescribe you with a drying agent and give antibiotics which will do nothing anyway. (as you can see I spoke with past experience here lol)
    Still, you might be lucky to find a good dermatologist.
    In the meantime, try using a concealor (for your skin tone) when going out at night (partying- as this seems to be the time we are most conscious of the little annoying bumps on the face)

  5. Angel Eyes on

    Thanks for the advice Mia. Recently I started using a “Garnier” product for my pimples but I am yet to see any results. Anyway I must go to see a dermatologist soon. I just haven’t really had the time with my daily rat race to work and back. But, I hope that I can put my plan into action at least next weekend.

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