He Warned He was Coming and…….

….expected me to heed his warning. My life, my feelings and my schedule meant nothing to him.  He expected me to cast all my plans aside and entertain him.

Alarm bells were ringing and I felt a chill down my spine.

He was menacingly near, I could feel his breath on me threatening to own me for days whether I like it or not. Whether I want him or not. I felt the familiar telltale signs from the past.  

The mighty one hath spoken. Again!

I was worried but not scared of him. 

This time I was armed and ready to put up a fight and not give in like in the past. I was adamant not to go down without a fight. Tears were rolling down my cheeks with watery eyes, head was heavy, nose was runny, throat was sore, voice was getting hoarse and I felt like *%#@  

With pretend assertiveness, I told him…

“Don’t you dare come near me; I want nothing to do with you. The way you treated me (last year) is still fresh in my mind”.

“I have better things to do with my life than have a dalliance with you”

“I warned you, I will beat you if you ever came near me again”

He still would not listen and kept moving closer.

It was time to attack. To  put my defences up and beat him at his own game.  

And… beat him I did!

He got thrashed with a palm full of round things, oblong and opaque things, oval and translucent things and more round things.

I could hear his confused whimper trying to intimidate me with a muffled whisper………  

“This is my right! I get what I want and you shall obey”

I must say, oblongs and ovals together with rounds fought with all their might until the nasty one surrendered. He left with an impotent vengeance in the form of a heavy head and lethargy for a few days.

Still, I can say I won. I chased him away. I kicked him out before I was fully in his clutches.

I fought off the winter flu!  


It was deliriously giggly writing this.  Correct use of gender I think. After all, it was the nasty flu. Lol

 I feel like a mischievous kid on uncharted territory using a forbidden term. Or should I say, like (horrid) Germaine Greer.Lol 

Just chaffing!


2 comments so far

  1. Indyana on

    You got me thinking for a moment y’know…silly billy !

  2. mia on

    he he

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