What is it with men and the use of female references?

What is their fascination with personifying (scrap) metal by referring to it as ‘she’/ ‘her’? 

Men use “she” “her” in ridiculous ways and situations.

Here’s one I have heard over and over again…….

“I bought this beaut with CC/Horsepower (and all that man talk) and I took her for a drive in the country and did 150k, and she was smooth as a baby.”

I never could understand, still don’t, these sort of references.

Recently I listened with disbelief to a scruffy fellow describing a massive pile of metal, of course moulded to shape, in the form of – A container ship – as ‘she’.                                                                                                                                                                                        Whilst listening, I was thinking, “Give me a break”

Can anything get more nondescript, bulky and uglier than a container ship?


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  1. shehal on

    most female things are referred to as she…
    eg. bitch, lioness, hen, etc.

    a friend mine… female… her car is a he… she’s named her car and says that its a he…

    another friend of mine… male… bought a cisco switch… which was very expensive in 2000… named her nicole… and used to call her g/f and say “i’ve this hot babe in my room and she keeps blinking at me… and its turning me on”…

    my car is not a she or a he.. its an it… and its not scrap metal… it blinks… but it doesnt turn me on…

    i used to name my computers she… ‘cos they were babes… i stopped doing that… i just use generic name …

    i’ve another friend… she claims her macbook to be a she… wanted me to be the godfather… i kinda disowned her (the laptop that is) later on…

    oh another friend of mine… she had a name for her water bottle… and it was a he… hmmm

    my point is… its not just a male thing to give their toys female characters…

  2. mia on

    Lol this is enlightening,Shehal
    I have never heard girls/women of any age group, use gender terms to describe things.

  3. sam on

    Anything that is expensive, totally depend on you, need continues costly maintains and gives you troubles unexpectedly without any reason, like a car for instance – have certain gender similarity.

    A water bottle other hand, that go through lot of torture and still provide you with very little maintains is deserve to be a “he”. 🙂

  4. shehal on

    well you’ve not met my friends… they name their stuff… and i’m not making this up…

    oh another thing… nasa didnt named their shuttles elizebeth or hilary or whatever… but then again… the shuttles are not scrap metal…

    i agree… cars are female… it also needs waxing and interior cleaning… engine glazing… oil changes…

  5. mia on

    Lol you guys are funny, especially you Sam. Can I add something here Sam. Modern woman/girl is not ‘totally depended’ on men.

    Shehal, I didn’t say you made them up. I said I have not heard females use a gender term when referring to inanimate objects. I must admit I have heard female newsreaders use that term sometimes.

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