Take a Walk with Me in the Crisp, Wintry Air

It is time to bear the cold spell, in this neck of the world. I love taking an invigorating early morning walk during this time of the year, before the rest of the world starts to stir.

Off I go snug from top to toe enjoying the feel of fresh, wintry air on my face, the only visible part of my body.

Out in the cold crisp air, walking through the thick fog – in patches- feeling vague and in my own dream world is pure magic! Most creatures, big and small are still in their slumber snuggled comfortably under their doonas. I can see some creatures beginning to stir with fresh smoke coming through their chimney and a lone light in the house, perhaps in the kitchen, making their warmers.

It is still dark except for the streetlights as I walk along the residential street and reach the main road. The odd car of an early morn starter, on his way to work passes me by. Along the way, I pass (usually around the same spot) the other regular walking in the opposite direction with a greeting of ‘Good Morning’ (gees that woman whizzes pass me. So much energy for a slip of a thing)

I glance over my left shoulder to see a set of moving lights out in the paddock in the valley below. It is hard to see what it is; I can assume it is a farmer on his tractor on his way to his dairy cows. It is bright under the streetlights and a soft light emanates from there on until I reach the next set of lights. Suddenly out of nowhere a rabbit appears and sprints in front of me to the bushes beyond. I look to my right to figure out where it came from and see a silhouette of something else across the road. I let my vision adjust by staring at the figure and see a family of wallabies stop gnawing on the vegetation; standing straight with bent forearms and heads with straightened and wiggly ears turned 45deg.towards me to check me out. “How I wish I had my camera”, is the thought that springs to mind.

I used to get up before 5am and was out the door by 5am during past winters, I have noticed I am trying to cheat my own self (this winter) by setting the alarm yet constantly thinking of pushing the time further. Alas by 6.30 am, the magic spell is gone and the walk becomes just that. A boring walk to keep fit.

People find it hard to understand how I can enjoy a walk at this time and in this weather. They only have to accompany me one day and see for themselves. I cannot explain the feeling. They have to feel and experience it. If they come with me, they will have to shush up and just walk side by side engrossed in our own thoughts and in our own world while absorbing man and nature behaving differently to daylight hours.That is the secret to feeling the magic and clearing the head.

It is such a peaceful, clean and pristine time of day.

Then I walk back home to the nitty gritty of the daily grind. Yet, after a walk that clears the head and rejuvenates the soul, only has an upbeat impact on my coping mechanisms.

I have more vigour to want to get up and go, go, go all day.


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