Misbehaving Computer


My computer has decided it will do as it wishes. It has begun to have a mind of its own and its driving me up the wall.

It’s behaving like an incorrigible child. (As if I need another one)  It did what I asked it to do (all the time) but has decided it is time to act up.

When it started malfunctioning on and off, I started blaming my son for downloading all the free software under the sun, slowing down the computer/shutting down at will etc. The latest software he had downloaded, arranges his desktop files in fancy designs – I must admit the designs are fascinating – but it is not a necessary tool. He reckons he needs it.

I was getting frustrated, I wondered (aloud) if I should buy his own computer so I can keep mine clean. However, I knew this is not an option rather a contradiction when I am trying to limit his time at the computer.


Other than that, I did not think too much of the shutting down at will factor. Except the frustration that goes with losing unsaved data, re-booting and re-starting the work.

Thought, “this is weird” or held my son responsible and went about correcting the wrong.

On top of these it repeatedly kept changing my desktop background picture.

Yesterday when I booted I thought I was at a stranger’s computer. I was confused momentarily. Not only the background picture was different (yet again) but also the desktop was clear of all of my folders and files (one’s I have saved for easy access –passwords etc and the documents I need to print) bar few icons. Such as – IE, skype  and similar. When I opened IE my home page too was not mine.

I found my files and folders by going to My Computer => C drive => then opened folders I thought would lead to my desktop files.

That was yesterday and this is today. Computer has decided to put back my files/folders   to where it was (desktop) but decided it did not like the background picture, so it changed it.

I wonder what it will decide to do tomorrow.

I have no idea why it is behaving this way.

What is happening???


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  1. the_jester on

    The changing background is probably WebShots or something like it. It changes the wallpaper each time you boot.
    As for the restarting, It’s probably all the Adware/Spyware downloaded by non other than your progeny. Mistakenly, of course. Best thing to do –
    Get someone to install linux for you, Just for internet usage. It’ll take some geting used to, but the advantage is that there’s only like, five odd viruses for the platform… heh . I think…

  2. Indyana on

    Oh god! does that happen at your place tooo…sons!

  3. poojitha on

    dud,just create another user account and put a password to your account.This is how you do it Start menu–>Control Panel–>user Accounts–>Type youe name and password and create a user for u r sons name as well,problem solved,What ever you save in my documents will not be accesible to your son

  4. mia on

    Thanks for answering.
    I asked my son about WebShot. He said he has not downloaded it.
    Computer does not restart. It just shuts down while I am working and I have to re-boot again.
    Internet was a minor part and that seems ok, after I re-set my homepage.
    The thing is, it is only affecting my account not my son’s. That is the surprising part for me. When I told him what is happening, he said, “It doesn’t do that in my account.”

    If I install linux will my files be compatible with it?

    Yep, aren’t they cute?

    We both have our own accounts. Still, some downloads automatically install for all users. I am trying to figure out – how or why the computer seize my files from the desktop and put them elsewhere, and why it shuts down at will.

    My son assigned himself as an administrator and I was not allowed to do simple tasks- like a disk defrag- and had to wait for the administrator  to come home if he was not in.
    Due to that, I asked him, to make me an administrator as well.
    Because of that, I cannot see why I have these problems.

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