My Therapy

I had a therapy session on the weekend to uproot all frustrations. Retail therapy that is.

I find the process of walking, looking, finding something that appeals and buying it, then looking again and buying more, to be comforting. Acquiring new things is a joyful event. It makes me happy. If the acquisition is a bargain, then the moment is euphoric.  


If I give the credit card a workout, the experience is exhilarating sans sighting rapidly parting money. Until I get my next credit statement anyway.

Hey, until then I am allowed to be happy. I might need more comfort and more therapy with the next statement.

Shopping is a stimulant for transient happiness. I know that!


Anyway, why am I talking about boring stuff? I will deal with the bill when that arrives. Now, to talk about exciting things; I bought two beautiful tops, one bronze and one purple. I bought the purple one for my daughter, as that is her favourite colour.

Later at home, I told her, “I bought this one for you”,

she looked at it and said, “Um……ok..”

I asked if she liked it, She went, “Er….um….er.. it’s alright”.

I asked, “Do you want it?”

She went “Umm…maybe..”.

Looks like I have two new tops. No complaints from me.

Highlight of the day was finding a white (It is neither white nor off-white somewhere in between) jacket made from a soft touch fabric, more than 50% off and there was only two left on the rack and one was in my size. When I tried it on, I was blown away by the cut and the fit. It was flawless.

Now I need somewhere special to go.


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  1. the_jester on

    Your daughter seems like my kind of person! Whenever my parents get me some article of clothing that they think is fab, I’m quite less enthusiastic about it. About 50% of the time.

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