The Secret

There is so much hype about ‘The Secret’ and everyone is talking about it. Well, many people.

It is a baffling secret to me how the ‘The Secret’ is flying off the shelves and the same with reprints.  In US alone, it has sold close to four million copies. I did not read the book and I don’t think I will do so any time soon. However, I did watch the DVD lent from a friend. I have also heard snippets of the content in the book through number of people.  

‘The Secret’ is all about the law of attraction. Nothing new there.  However, I was entertained while watching the DVD and the oversimplification of the law of attraction theory.

If you want something, visualise it as yours, then it is going to be yours!

You ‘ask’, (from the universe) you ‘believe’ and you ‘receive’.

Come again?

TV dramatisation of it was – A girl walks past a jewellers, spot a beautiful piece of jewellery, she look at it yearningly, and visualize it is hers and the next day her boyfriend surprise her with a gift. What do you know; it was that same piece of jewellery.


My daughter wants her own car. I have since been looking at cars, (one at a time of course) and practising ‘The secret’, claiming ownership though visualisation and driving it. Alas, I am still waiting for it to be delivered. I know the rumination was mine but I planned to give it to her.

Why didn’t the Secret work for me? Was it because I did not concentrate on one car all the time? Hmm… I might try that. There is a latest model Mercedes at the dealers that I would love to own. Ok I know, I am on the lookout for a car for my daughter. I cannot give her the Mercedes. She will scrape it.  


Tomorrow night Powerball has jackpotted to $15 million. I have practised The Secret, done everything in the realms of the law of attraction. I have visualised and received the winning number combination and now off to the lottery agent to buy my ticket.

I hope no one else has practised ‘The Secret’ for tomorrow night’s Powerball. I’d hate to share. It is going to be all mine.


Hmm…. Do I sound cynical?

I think not!


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  1. Parthi on

    I think in one of the segments of the secret a guy explains how he pasted a picture of his dream house above his bed so every morning he wake up to it and in a matter of months he buys a house and guess what its his dream house!
    i agree with the concept of secret…its all about believing you can do it and putting your heart into it…but what the secret lacked was that they didnt mention the work the sweat u need to put to get to it…they made it sound like magic..and harry potter…thats the mistake…

  2. mia on

    Yes, that is what I thought too. They made it seem you only have to ask and believe and you will get it. Did not address the fact, working towards one’s goals.

    There was a guy in the DVD who had made a scrap book of his wishes. He had the scrapbook packed in a box.

    Five years later, his little son asked what was in the box, so he opened it and found the scrapbook. He was looking through it when he came across a picture of a house he had cut and pasted (from a magazine or newspaper) and realised it was the same house he was now living. He said he had even forgotten he had done it.: )

  3. Melvin Tan on

    I agree. The Secret movie simplifies it but the bottomline is when you tried to visualise things, you need to put in effort and focus in order to manifest it. Thats my take. Stumble into your blog, will be blogrolling it into my blog.

    Melvin Tan

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