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What is it that makes people fascinated with occultism? Recently I went to a show that claimed to connect with the ones beyond the grave. Similar vein to John Edwards’ show.

 I don’t know what I should call her, Spirit talker? Ghost caller? Anyway, her name was Christine and about 20 people attended the show. Poor attendance by any standard. Hmm… it just occurred to me while writing this; perhaps it was because of the morbid nature of the show. : ) Well, I blame JE for making supernatural look fascinating and funny to create a captivating audience.


I went to the show with an acquaintance, as a complete sceptic. Chris, (shorten for Christine) who claim to have the ability to connect with the ones beyond the grave, made an introductory speech about her and how and why she started this line of work.


After the short intro, she asked the audience to be silent and to excuse her facial expressions while concentrating to open the doors to the realms of the spirit world.  

She went into a trance like state and suddenly called, “is there a person here, who had a relative by the name of “chuck” passed on?” When no one answered, she went on to describe what ‘chuck’ looked like, his physique, the nick name he had for a family member etc, suddenly someone said “It’s my father!”

My immediate reaction was, “yeah right, this is a plant”.


Anyway, as the night rolled on, I was still a cynic and thought everyone who had a ‘reading’ was a plant. Until she said, “I have an elderly lady here who wants to congratulate her granddaughter on her engagement” and went onto describe the spirit and the names of family members, when suddenly the voice next to me – the person I went with- said, “it is my grandma”. I gave her a look of disbelief, thinking to myself, ‘are you a plant as well’?


Some of Chris’ antics were quite hilarious throughout  the night. In her trance like state, she was having conversations, intermittently with her ‘readings’, with no one in particular (in the room) but definitely with someone invisible.


I don’t know what to make of that show. All she did was tell few members of the audience (whose dead relatives she was able to connect with),  how they look like, their frolics if any, the pet names the ‘departed’ had for the loved ones etc , which invariably evoked laughter from the family members.  Apart from that, nothing else was achieved.

Perhaps that was the motive. For people to go home with the feeling their loved ones are still floating around and can see them.

Am I glad I went? Yes, it is a curiosity thing.

Do I want to go again? No!

It would be dead boring, second time around.


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