7 Facts about Moi

I have been tagged by Azrael to divulge some things about me.

Just so you know, ‘me’ slowly moved out, in my twenties and eventually lost touch with her completely. Only made a conscious decision to re-claim ‘me’ few years ago and since then she has been appearing and re-appearing briefly and I am in the process of grabbing her. So bear with me on this one 


v     I used to be the happy go lucky and thought life was fun. I was like a balloon, couldn’t keep me down, not for long anyway. I still would like to be that way, but the worries of life sometimes have a habit of popping in.

            I loved fashion and was one of the winners (top three) of the prestigious ‘Dress Designer of the Year’ contest in SL many, many moons ago. I still love fashion and dressing well but not a slave to it and won’t let trends dictate what I wear. I create my own style.


v     I love meeting people, parties/entertaining and love to travel. I enjoy going out at night even if it is, to a restaurant with the family or a group of friends. I enjoy the whole Shebang experience of good food, wine, someone else cooking, serving it and someone clearing the table and the washing up. Bliss!


v     I have a humane side too. I prefer to read autobiographies, biographies or anything that is true/real life. I have a fascination and empathy with tribal women and their plight in African countries.  I also respect the plight of women living with zero rights in fundamental Muslim countries.  I try and find books to read of their plight when I can


v     I love chocolates, good quality, pure, melting in the mouth sorts, without any rubbish centre fillings. Don’t mind some nuts in them. Ohh, writing about chocolate made me want some. (Be right back)


v     I dislike movies. I cannot understand how people actually pay money to watch them. I do like theatre though. There is more substance there. I enjoy bush walking. There is something mystical being in the bush. I enjoy a day by the river as oppose to the ocean.


v     I love shopping, no secret about that. I am the quintessential woman there. I have a weakness for handbags, shoes, makeup, and skincare. I usually go against the flow with clothes and some other things. If a sales person says “this is very popular this season, they fly off the shelves, we can’t order enough” I have a habit of saying “No thanks, then”


v     People say it is very easy to get along with me, so I will go by their word and leave it at that. If I may add – I will say they have not seen me without the social façade.  


The next step is difficult. I would have picked jester and indyana but they are already chosen.

So, what do I do? Help!

There are blogs I read and enjoy for various reasons – for the writing styles, intelligence, wit etc. So I will invite those writers. Jack Point, John ‘Of narcissists and Mice” (this one is funny) paan wati, umm…..

Can I add Indyana and Jester again AND two other random people please put their hands up? Please?

I haven’t been long enough to know many blogs.



16 comments so far

  1. Azrael on

    Have you given up fashion now? I think as the first step in your ‘reclaiming me’ process, you should get back to designing. 😀

    Well i aint much of a people person, but I do love to travel. Unfortunately dont get to do it much cause these little things like ‘the job’ and ‘being broke’ gets in the way

    It’s sad to see that in this world, the value of human beings are going down day by day…

    Hey whats not to like about movies. OK I too prefer reading to watching movies, but sometimes a good comedy is just what the doctor ordered.

  2. Jack Point on

    hmm.. very flattering Whisperings. ARe you looking for suggestions for a blog name?

  3. mia on

    oops ‘yes’ to comedy, any day.

    Somethings are impossible to re-claim. Like beating a dead horse.

    Jack Point,

    Do you mean you don’t have a blog or you don’t like my blog name. If latter, do you want the story of how I came about it? If you don’t, tough, you’ll hear it anyway.

    My son had been bugging me to own a blog. I kept saying “I have to think about it son, and think of a good name” then he started bombarding me with so many names one after the other, I kept telling, “That is not me” “I am your mother, not a boy your age”

    He kept saying, “That is so boring” to all the names I came up with.

    Finally, I said “ok it is ‘whisperings’ and I like it!” just to get him off my back.

    Anyway, regress, I am sure I have clicked on your name once (I am pretty sure it was your name) and read your blog and liked it. Anyway, I do read your replies to other bloggers. I like what you write, your style and intellect.You sound grounded

    If you don’t have a blog, feel free to use this space to say 7 facts about you. : )
    I don’t mind. : )

  4. Jack Point on

    ulp. seven facts about me? Oh dear, I’m just your regular chainsaw psychopath you know….nothing out of the ordinary…

    anyway I did start a blog, mainly because people kept calling me a troll (one who comments but does not blog) but it never got very far, just a handful of posts. It was called court jester, must be around somewhere, lost in space.

    seven facts about me; here goes
    1. Tall (defintely)
    2 Dark (yes!)
    3. Handsome (I think, and anyway 2 out of 3 isnt bad..)
    4. Likes to talk a lot (or write when talking is not possible), hence the string of comments littering cyberspace)
    5. Varied interests, but none that go very deep..the three main ones listed below;
    6. Wine (once upon a time yes, but sadly no more.. old age and all that you know..)
    7. Women (yes, yes, yes, drool, drool, drool. Never get very far to be honest but always on my mind)
    8. Song (never very good at it, but slowly improving and generally enjoying it)

  5. Mia on

    Lol Jack
    Er… I said seven not eight

    Yep I remember now, ‘court jester’

    Why don’t you have luck with women, being tall,dark and partly handsome? : )
    Anyone would think you’d be cruising along!

  6. the jester on

    Court Jester? Hmm….. Does that mean I’m infringing on your copyright or something?

    I have already posted my 7 “things”. Just consider it your tag as well. 😉

  7. […] 7 Facts about Moi I loved fashion and was one of the winners (top three) of the prestigious ?Dress Designer of the Year? contest in SL many, many moons ago. I still love fashion and dressing well but not a slave to it and won?t let trends dictate what I … […]

  8. Jack Point on

    oops sorry, small mistake, got only so many fingers to count on you know, sometimes miss a few….

    Women are the most mysterious of creatures you know, an generally quite unfathomable. They successfully evade the most elaborate of traps (and boy do I go in for elaborate traps, takes me months to get them right) and just when a fellow has given up on the chase, come back and fall unexpectedly into ones lap. So unexpectedly that one is taken entirely by surprise and ends up missing the catch…. (in the former tradition of the Sri Lankan cricket team)

  9. pissu perera on

    hidey ho..didn’t see that you had tagged me until after i dished the dirt (sort of) on myself..:) this is turning out to be fun in a weird way..now i’m going to go check who else has decided to answer to the call of the tag (while pretending to work at office of course;)

  10. Mia on

    Lol Jack,

    Are you trying to catch a woman or a bug?
    You lay traps to rodents or pests, not women.

    Have you tried a thing called conversation?

    : )

  11. Jack Point on

    conversation? Wat dat ting? Hmmm do you think it will work? Must have a go at it sometime

    the Jester – well Jack Point IS a jester, a character from a very obscure operetta. Most people would’nt get it so you can use it without fear.

  12. the_jester on

    Oki dokes.
    Jack Point = A jester…
    Must keep in mind when making fun of someone(Then I can laugh evilly when they ask “Who?”)

  13. mia on

    Yep, conversation works all the time, Jack.
    You should try it one day.
    You’d be surprised what you can achieve with the right words.

  14. John on

    Hi mia,
    sorry I did not see the tag until today. I was aware of this viral form of activity only yesterday when my brother (jester) told me about it. Although I do dabble in the dark arts the only blog I visit regularly is gizmodo (www.gizmodo.com). Yup I’m a lazy person. In any case since I seem to have been tagged multiple times (I followed a trail from my brothers blog!), look out for my own seven.

  15. mia on

    No worries John, I thought you were ignoring me for awhile there. : )

    So you are jester’s brother. I thought the way you two related to each other was very ‘familiar’.

    I shall look forward to your 7
    I enjoy your blog and your witty writing ‘cos I enjoy a laugh.

  16. the_jester on

    Well, yeah. The no-holds-barred rapport on comment lines can be credited to this.
    Since I know I won’t be hunted down and tortured, or made to listen to Venga Boys “music”, by speaking my mind, Unlike with some other posters…[shudder]

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