Technology is Not an Excuse

He (son) was finishing his homework, an assignment to write a sonnet.

When he finished I heard my summons, “mum, can you come proofread this, before I print?”


I usually try to dodge by citing an excuse like, “English is only my second language, can you ask your big sister, please?”

Sometimes I am lucky, sometimes not. Depends what ‘akki’ is doing. If she is busy – in essence that means, multiple chat windows open simultaneously playing a game while intermittently going on My Space with music blaring on her mp3 – then I will hear something like “get lost”.

In that case, I get my summons again “m u m” and I go to the rescue, but not before I make akki feel bad for not helping malli. That is my motherly duty to do so.


This time however, I was in a complacent mood so I obeyed the command.  

I read the sonnet and thought it was witty, well written and said so. I said he should get AA+ – Nope, I was not biased, not one bit – for which he rolled his eyes and started printing.

For some reason the printer stuffed up and the printing job failed.  Half of the words were either cut-off or one sentence overwrote the other.  The palm card printed okay after the second try, but the hardcopy he had to hand-in to the teacher (which had an illustration as well) was creating problems in print. After about half dozen or more tries I asked him to stop and try again in the morning, as it was getting late – As per usual, he keeps his homework for last by getting on with tasks that are more important first, like play games or go on chat sites.


Next morning, son was in the car before anyone else, calling out, “Let’s go, I am getting late”.

As it was too early to leave, I called back, “Why are you rushing us?” 

“I have to print my assignment at school before the bell goes” was the answer.

 “Just tell the teacher, the printer stuffed up, surely you won’t get into trouble for that?” was my reply.


“Technology is not an excuse for not finishing an assignment, mum”  

(O_O)    My apologies son.

I had better straighten up.


In all honesty and in my motherly defence, I would like to declare, it was not my intention to encourage the offspring to disobey the teacher.  Procrastinate was my only intention.


11 comments so far

  1. pissu perera on

    stupid mchines…trust them to always act up and do exactly the opposite of what you want them to do, when you NEED them to do exactly what they’re told…did that sentence make any sense..if it didn’t, blame my keyboard..;)

  2. indyana on

    Wow, you have a good boy there!

  3. Azrael on

    Machines always seems to know when people are in a hurry and need to get things done urgently. That’s when they start playing their sick jokes on you. It’s a conspiracy i say…evil little things…

  4. Lady divine on

    These machines generally go wonky when we’re doing last minute stuff!! I’ve had enough experience.. but those incidents remain very memorable.. and also makes us work harder..:-)

  5. mia on

    Tut tut only Indyana(mother)got the message. pissu perera, Azrael and lady are still veeeeeery young. How lucky : )

    As the mother I am the one who should’ve said similar to what my son told me. Lol

    I wondered for a moment if the teacher was a monster and bit children for the sightest mistake.

  6. indyana on

    ha ha…yeah! let them be young,I say…the life ahead can wait for a bit! Lucky ducks!

  7. the_jester on

    Well, kudos to the son!

    And the rest of you, technology works. Period.


  8. the_jester on

    Kids take after their parents right? So maybe he picked up some good stuf from you and now you’ve reverted a second childhood maybe?

  9. mia on

    Jester, son, you keep surprising me. You are far ahead in thinking for your age.

    About your last comment – keep going don’t stop. I mean the bit where you say, kids take after parents and son must have picked good stuff from me etcetera…… : )

    You are not wrong there. : ) : )

  10. the_jester on

    Well, maybe psychology would be a good career path then. Too bad my neighbors went crazy when I tried to experiment on them…

    Hmmm… Your kid picked up some good stuff, but you’re voiding that by reverting to child like behaviour. That’s coming from an expert 😉

  11. mia on

    Have to keep the inner child alive. It is good for the soul, you know.
    Ask any expert they’ll tell ya 🙂

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