You take my jewellery, you take my clothes and you take my makeup. More like pinching, really. You definitely don’t borrow. If you did, things would be returned at some point.  My earthy tone lipsticks and nail polish are the few things that are not pilfered, as you prefer more dainty light colours.

Hallelujah for that. Few things that actually stay put and not walk.

When I couldn’t find my chain motif ring and asked  if you took it, you just giggled and walked away. I thought, “Ok you took it.”


It started with clothes and the like, now you have upped and gone full Monty.

One morning as I was getting dressed, I opened the vanity drawer to find my comb missing. I thought ‘this is odd’, I never take it out. I have a comb/brush in the handbag and I have similar in the glove compartment in the car, so this one stays put.

I tried to recall where I could have kept the comb when something prompted me to ask you.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of it first. I should’ve known!

“Did you take my comb?” You started giggling, ran somewhere and ran back to the bathroom and my comb had made a miraculous reappearance.

Come on give me a break.


When pinching my comb became the norm, I had to ask, where your comb was. In fact, you have many, I meant where your favourite was.  When you pinch things you don’t give an answer, you just giggle.

You must think it is sooo very funny isn’t it?

Well, it is not! It is irritating and frustrating.

 My comb, of all things?


This morning I saw you either put something or take something from my robe, but when I asked what you took or put back, you just walked off.

What is going on here?

Can I have something to call my own? Pleeaasee

What next?

My toothbrush?

I don’t have to say who it is.   

It is patently obvious.


10 comments so far

  1. pissu perera on

    aiyo……daughters, i tell you…

    that’s what my mum would say if you told her this story…=)

  2. the_jester on

    Women….. All crazy…. 😉
    All of ’em should be shipped to Poland, or Yugoslavia or something. Or maybe not. It would just make them more bloodthirsty. 😀

  3. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    if only my mom knew about these tales she wud change her mind abt wishin she had a daughty than me!! hehehe 😉 feeelin too proud being a son hak hak

  4. Mia on

    Pissu, Ooh every time I have to call you pissu I feel bad. What to do, that is what you want to be called.

    So you are a pincher too.

    Pinching in this household has gone to ridiculous lengths now.

    If that is the case, I bet you’d follow them eh?

    Lost soul
    Believe me daughters are very difficult to rear than sons.

  5. Indyana on

    Oh God the others beat me to it… your daughter,right!

  6. pissu perera on

    worry not madame, i’ve been called worse, so pissu is a step up..=)

    no no, i’m not much of a pincher.. for one thing, my mum and i don’t share the same size so clothes and shoes are out..we have a tacit agreement that we’ll ask, borrow and return..but.. i put my mum through worse things, hence the “aiyo, daughters” comment..lol

    jester, if all the women are in poland i wonder what you’ll do when you want (or need) a significant other….:p

  7. Lady divine on

    I’m thankful I don’t have sisters after all I’ve heard…and seen..

  8. Jack Point on

    heh heh

    very funny

  9. mia on

    It wouldn’t be a problem, if it was a sister as you can snarl, growl and scratch each other until it is stopped. It is different with a child.

    I have lost count how many of my earrings are missing until I see them on her and think, “ah I used to own one like that”
    I really like the particular ring I mentioned in the post. One day I said “can I have it back so I can wear it today?” She gave me such an innocent look (no giggly this time) and said “aww I like wearing it” and made a sad face. I can’t be a monster and say “GIVE IT BACK” because I know I would feel bad all day.
    That is motherhood. You feel bad even if it is not your fault.
    It is so easy with sons. You keep enough food in the house and they are happy.


    What is so funny, Jack? :-O
    I don’t think it is funny.

  10. the_jester on

    Hmmm…. Yes, as lost soul said, Proud to be a son!

    @mia & pissu
    [With conniving look in eyes]
    I’ll make myself one.
    Remember Stepford Wives?


    [/With conniving….blah]

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