Simply Women

Read an interesting research recently about fiercely career driven women.  Successful professional women in this country are determined not to let a man stand in the way of their upwardly mobile career paths. They are happy with the status quo and don’t want a man (rather a husband) to hinder their aspirations in climbing the corporate ladder or be a barrier on their professional ambitions. Such women are interested only in casual affairs or a steady boy friend but not a husband or partner.

And………*news flash*…men are complaining! Men are tired of the dating game and want to settle down with a soul mate.


How things have changed!

Fascinating part was reading that thirty or so years ago, women were on the opposite spectrum, disgruntled with blokes for shying away from commitment. Blokes back then, were happy to play around and be carefree. Women on the other hand, wanted a steady man, marriage, kids and live in a house in suburbia happily ever after.


How far have women come from the days of burning bras! 


Breaking the glass ceiling, are we there yet?


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  1. Jack Point on

    Hey which country was that ? in SL?

  2. mia on

    Ha ha Jack

    You are still lucky in SL.
    Women will get there one day, in SL too

    I was talking of Oz

  3. pissu perera on

    to quote the great genius (NOT) justin timberlake, “What goes around comes around”..

    but i don’t think it has reached that point in SL yet..if nothing else, you have the parents nagging about getting married the minute you hit 25..i know because i have 2 cousins who are well past the “expiry date” and are being nagged every day to get married..:)

  4. R on

    Lucky? Who said we’re lucky?

    “Such women are interested only in casual affairs or a steady boy friend but not a husband or partner.”

    I definitely wouldn’t be the one to complain, Mia, if this was the bargain.

    Btw, where’s the link to the article?

  5. mia on

    SL women will get there, eventually. Yes about the parents nagging business. That could be due to the stigma attached for a single woman past the use by date. Those things will change with time.

    Not every article is in electronic media. Some do come in print form.

  6. Indyana on

    It was bound to happen, the way things are going in this world…I guess!

  7. Lady divine on

    hmmm… that sure does seem to be the trend now.. hasn’t hit SL strongly yet.. but that segment of women do exist I must say…

  8. John on

    But I can’t cook!
    At any rate, I suppose everything goes in a cycle. I guess I’d better start learning some home keeping skills.

  9. mia on

    LD, With more females becoming self sufficient with higher education and professional jobs, it was bound to happen.
    SL women will be there too in a generation or so.


    Lol John, trust you to say something like that.

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