What is wrong with Greer?


The woman sure knows how to put her foot in it. Both feet more like it.


Why does she have to sling mud at the dead?

Ah, I forgot, may be she has a book to whore and bills to pay


To call Diana -now dead and not able to defend herself- a devious moron?

C’mon, woman, spare a thought for the two sons. They may be princes but at the end of the day, she was their mother. You don’t  have to go down the gutter and give a below the belt on her 10th death anniversary.  


I wonder who the real moron is.


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  1. Azrael on

    Yep…Don’t know what to call these kind of people…worse than morons. Why can’t they let the dead rest in peace?

    As you said it’s all to do with making money. The more mud you sling and defame a persons character, especially someone the people love, the more books you sell, more appearances on talk shows etc. Ultimately you get more money out of that.

  2. mia on

    Exactly. They do it because they can get away with it.

    It is a disgrace and the defamation is uncalled for.

  3. justmal on

    What is so sacred about Diana. You people are so starstruck. Pathetic.

    I don’t like Germaine and I think she’s just an attention seeking wh*re, but Diana wasn’t much better.

  4. the jester on

    Ahh…. Back from a vacation and still not thinking straight, so here goes.

    Money making can drive many things, and will easily provoke a person to direct a few insults towards someone who can’t really respond. Not yet anyway. After she’s dead, who knows? Maybe a duel in the afterlife.

    Think of the sons? Well, they aren’t 10 years old still are they? If they wish, they could pursue a court case or something.

  5. mia on

    Good to see you back, Jester.
    Where did you go for your vacation, if you don’t mind me asking?

    About Diana’s sons, Royal can’t or won’t pursue legal actions.

    The insult was uncalled for and unnecessary. She was promoting her book about Shakespeare’s wife. It just goes to show, it was purely an attention seeking, headline grabbing statement.

  6. mia on

    Just Mal,
    Where did I say there was anything sacred about Diana?
    I don’t believe in insulting the dead, that is all.

    I wouldn’t put Diana in the same class as Greer.
    Diana did not have to seek attention. She got it naturally from the adoring public, wherever she went.

  7. The jester on

    Such an attack on her character was uncalled for, but diana wap not THAT innocent. She was admired because she was the rebel in the big grumpy royal institution. And because she smiled for the cameras……..line break……… I went half way around the country, up the hills and then down to Yala. A new post is in the works… Also, pardon the weird formatting, i’m typing on my phone. 🙂

  8. mia on

    “She was admired because she was the rebel in the big grumpy royal institution”

    This one sums up perfectly one aspect of why Diana became popular. She did bring royalty to the twentieth century.

    Another aspect was, she brought a ray of sunshine to otherwise dreary life of ordinary folks. Those people liked to devour in the lifestyle of the other half or that of the Royals and the upper crust

    The way I see Royals are, they are freeloaders; still I enjoyed seeing Diana sorely for her clothes and her statuesque beauty carried them well. That does not mean I was star struck by any length of the stick, just enjoyed looking at something beautiful, as we all do.

    Sure she used the exposure to get the sympathy of the public during her period of estrangement from Charles and later divorced, no question about that.

    It think that people like Greer while condemning Diana’s infidelities just accept Charles’. I think that is hypocritical.

    Shall look forward to your post about the trip

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