My Island Home

Hello Azrael, I believe this is for you!

First of all if I was marooned, it would be by chance and not by choice hence there won’t be any CD’s in my possession. In any case it depends how long I will be stranded, if it longer than a week, no amount of music is going to prevent me from howling at the moon and going loony.


If I was going to a deserted island, then I know it won’t eventuate. I am not a celebrity to crave solace in my own company or the need to get away from the rest of the world. No mad fans stalking me. Besides, I hate camping. I am all for creature comfort. If there was a five star hotel and a personal chef on the island then perhaps I will consider going. No, let me stand corrected, I will definitely go. Can I add a masseur too, or is that too much indulgence?


If that is the case, then I will take the following songs


Cadbury ads/songs – if there won’t be any chocolates, at least I should be able to dream about it.

In case you don’t know the songs, below are a few examples

1.Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was Cadbury?

 Riding in the car would be a tasty treat.
Changing gears would soon become a problem
Cadbury dairy milk is so good to eat
When you arrive at your destination,
You’ll be greeted with an exclamation!
Wouldn’t it be nice?


2.Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was Cadbury?
Chocolate roads and trees and birds and bees
Delivering all kinds of letters daily,
Every kind of purple parcel too.
And if the dog did try and grab a mouthful,
You could bite him back he’d taste delightful!
Wouldn’t it be nice?


3.Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was Cadbury?
Going to the pics would be so sweet
There’d be no need for munchies
Cadbury dairy milk is the perfect treat
If someone came and blocked your screen view
Just take a bite and make a hole to see through
Wouldn’t it be nice?

4. Does your mother know that you’re out? – Abba (cause that is the mother in me wondering about my daughter)

5. We will we will rock you – Queen (I will want to rock the person who stranded me)

6.  Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair –Sandy Thom (reverse the lyrics to be born in the late eighties, cause by this time I will wish, I was young and carefree to dance with flowers in my hair) 

7.  I believe I can fly –R Kelly (I will be dreaming of flying, to get back to civilisation)

8.  Is there anyone out there cause it is getting harder and harder to breathe-Maroon5 (by this time I will be suffocating )

9. I have nothing – Whitney (that is what I will sing to my chef when I have to leave and he refuses to come with me)


5 comments so far

  1. Azrael on

    Ha Ha Nice selection 😀 especially the Cadbury song.

    This is not your usual kind of being marooned
    This is like a magical island where everything that you can dream of will be supplied, except music 😀 and the #1 item on the menu would be chocolate, since there are so many chocoholics in the blog-sphere…so no worries.

  2. mia on

    Ah, that sort of put a new light on the thing.

  3. the jester on

    I see an unhealthy relationship between you and Cadbury’s…

  4. mia on

    Ohh, we have the best relationship.It is the envy of many. : )

    Didn’t you know that chocolate is good for you, jester? Just listen to the Cadbury ads, every 250g has glass and a half of milk.
    So don’t drink milk, eat chocolate! lol

    Cocoa is full of anti oxidants and with the glass and a half of dairy milk, which is good for strong bones and teeth, you are laughing .
    Learn to ignore the amount of sugar in them

    Here, have one on me.

    Disclaimer: The above is not my statement and I hold no responsibility whatsoever.

  5. the jester on

    Well, talk about promoting child diabetes… hehe
    Actually, I do get more than my daily share of cocoa, in the form of chocolate sauce, with which I’ll eat anything. Yes, anything.

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