Sunshine on My Shoulder

Yay, sun is out after an entire week of solid raining. I kid you not. What am I doing at the computer then, you ask?

Well, you may ask. : )


We needed the rain, or so they tell me, some parts were so dry they were on level seven water restrictions. We were only on level one. Everyone is happy the heavens finally decided to open and when it provides it tries to catch up for the missed times.


Still, the weather was dismal and reflected on people by affecting their moods and  plunging them to a melancholic state of mind. On Friday everyone in my section of the office was glum, and the radar in my brain took a nosedive just by looking at those faces. I had to ask at one point “why so glum people, cheer up it is Friday”  


How am I going to take advantage of the beautiful day outside? What exciting things can I do?  Hmm…

Let me think…………


Yep, I think I will catch up on the washing and drying, and then may be wash the windows and mop the floors…………….

Then again, should I go outside and enjoy?  : )

Uh..Such a hard decision to make!


3 comments so far

  1. Indyana on

    Washing windows….for god’s sake…please go enjoy yourself instead!

  2. the jester on

    Maybe stock up on flood supplies? No, not “food”, “flood”. Umbrellas and raincoats, canned goods?

    It might not last… 😉

  3. mia on

    I mopped the floor and did some washing, they had to be done, then we went for a picnic lunch by the river.But the river was muddy from the rain. : )
    But left the windows for another day, they really need a clean tho.

    Have brollies and raincoats and canned goods.
    We live on high ground so the likelihood of going under is zilch. But the town does go under as it is based along a river. But then we have two small shopping centres with supermarkets close by, so we are pretty well set for a flood.
    Anyway the sun has been out for two days now.

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