I Need Telepathic Capabilities!

The necessity to be present at one place and the urge to materialise at another at the same time was strong yesterday, yet it was not possible for a regular human being like me .

Each event was vital on its own merit; one was by me for me and the other with son for him.

No prizes for guessing which one gave in.

School decided to hold an info session yesterday, out of all days, starting at 6.30pm and concluding at 8.45pm just as the organisers of the seminar ‘Understanding Shares’ thought nothing can beat the Tuesday blues than to hold it at 6pm yesterday.

Needless to say I missed the seminar. They were addressing trading, monitoring and costs, gearing and capital gains, portfolio planning etcetera.

Oh stuff it!

Whining aside, lord knows I need discipline and education in this area. How many times have I burnt my fingers on the stock market? Too many, I tell you. I know what my pitfalls are, that is not the issue. I know I need to study the company I intend buying into, yet I take the easy road and opt to read analysts and experts predictions about shares I am interested in and base my decision on that. Majority of the time they are correct predictions, you know. Still education can never be an overload.

I once bought shares in an insolvency company that went insolvent. Is there an irony there? Top accountants were at the helm of this company. Blimey! I wonder about their number crunching skills and how they could have been blissfully oblivious of their sinking ship, quite  reminiscent of Nero playing the violin when Rome was burning.

Idiots! It was my money, what do they care!

Then recently, I read an article in a newspaper about a former senator, I used to admire and regard highly as an intellectual and an eloquent orator, is in the brink of bankruptcy. What’s more, article also claimed he was a counsel for the former insolvency company now renamed after bought over. What is the world coming to?

Re-birthing and restructuring of the company saw my shares dwindle to less than quarter of its original amount and with the new share price adjustment set next to nothing, it is as good as gone under. I might have grandchildren before I see any money from that. On second thought, perhaps grandchildren might be adults by then. Oh, boo hoo.

Yep, I would have benefited enormously by the seminar had I been able to attend.

I have already sent an email to the organisers of the seminar inquiring if they intend coming this way in the near future.

However, I have a feeling they won’t come just for me.


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  1. Indyana on

    How sad you had to miss it! Maybe there would be others speaking on this that you could watch out for?

  2. Lady divine on

    Too bad you missed it… isn’t there anyone you know who attended it?

  3. pissu perera on

    bugger..sucks doesn’t it, how the mums are expected to put their lives on hold for their kids…? i don’t think i could ever do it..come to think of it, i don’t think i wnt kids..lol

  4. mia on

    Thanks ppl.
    That is life isn’t it?

    Yes pissu, when you are a mother you are last in your thoughts and if you do go ahead and do something for yourself when you have to be elsewhere, then you will be eaten by guilt.

  5. Jack Point on

    Forget the seminar, you would’nt have picked up enough to make you a smart trader.

    Best thing is to buy an index tracker fund, transaction/management fees are low and you buy the whole market. Managed funds are more expensive and there is some debate as to what exactly a manager can actually add.

    In the SL market NAMAL’s funds have done pretty well (although they are managed funds)
    Find the growth markets (easy enough) and buy them.

  6. The jester on

    What Jack said… 😉 Also why not use the internet as a source of enlightenment on matters stockish? I’m sure theres plenty of advice for the prospective investor. For the other event, couldn’t you just send the father? Also, the violin was not invented yet when rome burned, If I recall correctly. ;-p

  7. mia on

    I do online share trading and refer to what the analysts say both online and the newspapers and sometimes listen to ordinary people (like I did with the insolvency company). I put it down as a lesson learnt, expensive one at that.
    You got me interested in this index tracker fund, which at the moment I’ve no idea, so will do some research on it. Thanks for that.

    If it says ‘parents’ my son wants both parents. I tried to avoid going but he said “you have to come”
    I have the parent responsibility mentality. If I didn’t go I would have felt guilty about it. I know my children are spoilt and I am to blame for that : )

    About violin—Ok, a string instrument then : P

  8. the jester on

    Hmm… “Parents” eh? Well, plural means both…
    Though personally I would have been satisfied with a letter. 😉

    Harp maybe? Those were around at the time.

  9. mia on

    You are like my daughter, she would’ve said something like that.
    son still enjoys his mummy dearest’ presence at school functions, isn’t that cute?

    About the string instrument —I shan’t harp about it then 🙂

  10. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    Oh thats y there is financial analyst’s who do credit rating for companies. if u wanna play in stock market, u simply got to be plain damm lucky i wud say. i sat on stocks for about yr n there was absolute no movement except the slump.. i’ve promised never to invest in stocks again!!.. but maybe u can shed some light on this…am i adding you more chores?

  11. mia on

    Lost soul
    I don’t know about luck. It sure might help like many things in life.
    With shares you have to study and read, understand movements, study graphs etc…. still you might not get it right.Just a shiver on the markets make people panic sell, bringing down the price
    In short, you have to be on the ball.

    Blue chips are safe but slow moving, still if you hold a substantial amount it will bring good dividends.

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