My Home, My Sanctuary

This saying takes a whole new meaning if you have/had to stay home as long as I have with nothing but household chores for company. Oh yeah, I did have fun in-between with dinner parties I hosted or going out to dinner or going to a party hosted by a friend, among other stress busting activities people enjoy, travelling etc….

Nevertheless, if I am to calculate the amount of hours at home and set it against the hours of actual activities outside the house/meeting people, the latter amount will be negligible.

People, who have not experienced the stay-at-home rut, will say things like- read a book, do gardening, oh how I wish I could stay home and not go to work etc. I wonder if they knew what they were talking about. Even an otherwise uplifting activity like reading takes a whole new meaning then.

That is why I enjoy my job, though part time. I really do. Even the typical workplace back-stabber, wag, doesn’t worry me, not the way it affects other people. I look at those situations and think, ‘am I glad to experience it’. People who grumble about going to work should have a dose of reality, by having to stay home for a length of time without the luxury of worthwhile intention for the next day, except the samo, samo.

A research article I read while back claimed mothers who have at least part-time work are happier and healthier than stay at home mothers – ‘housewives’ if you like. I believe and accept the research wholeheartedly and can vouch for it.

Of course one could argue it depends on the individual, or the emotional needs of individual women. Perhaps!

I also know I only touched, just a facet of a multi faceted situation, I only looked at it from my personal experience.

I have come across women, many in fact, who fall pregnant intentionally when their youngest child starts school, though they were certain the last child was the last. When probed, they all have given same answer “just was lonely at home”

How sad!
What happens when the new child start school? Or the woman ceases the reproduction phase, what then?

The sanctuary will then become a cave of endurance and a brain freeze.




I have no idea what brought upon this thought today. A waft of wind perhaps! I was reading an ad about the food and wine festival coming soon and where to buy tickets etc when my mind wondered off with a different train of thought. Perhaps reading about the cooking lessons to be held at the festival, nudged a dormant spot in my mind.


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  1. R on

    Quite true, I’ve also noticed that women who are at home all day, tend to be relatively insensitive to their spouses than their working counterparts.

    Watched a beautiful film called “the painted veil” recently; it doesn’t directly address this issue, but shows how perspectives can change when the environment of interaction becomes broader.

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