In The Car with a Learner Driver

Daughter reverses the car out of the garage, I am mindful of the letter box on the side of the driveway. Good,she avoids pulling it out of the ground.


Off we go, I am alert as a hawk and stiff as a stick, I think I will snap. I constantly check the side mirrors as well as the front and back. I have my sunshade down so I can double the attached makeup mirror, as a rear view mirror.


Me : Ok, take a right turn at the next roundabout.

D: ya mum

Me: Stop at the roundabout, give right of way, and if clear, go—

Me : Hey hey slow down. Put the foot on the brake. You are too fast. (I hear screeching of tyres) SLOW DOWN!


I am holding on to the door handle, my whole body angled. I can hear constant screeching.

Phew, my body back in position, I let go of the door handle and glance to my right in shock and disbelief.


Me: Why didn’t you slow down?

D : “I did” with a cheeky smile on her face

Me : That was not enough (and what is there to smile about? It wasn’t a joke)

Me : Did you hear the screeching?

D : Yaa

I am beginning to think she enjoyed it.

Me : Let’s go down D Road and back to L St to merge with the highway.

D : I don’t want to take Leycester St. I don’t like going down that road

Me :Ok then, make a U turn at the next roundabout, go back and merge

We merge and cruise along.

Me: You are too close to the car in front, pull back.Slow down, NOT reverse. I stress things out, just in case.

I glanced to my right again and can swear I see a smirk, enjoying stressing me out, no doubt.

Me: we have to make a right turn soon, to go home, so you should change lanes at some point. Check your mirrors, glance over the shoulder, and ease on to the other lane.


Daughter looks in the mirrors and glance over her shoulder.

Good girl!


A sharp manoeuvre and cuts straight in front of the car in the other lane.


Me :HOLY SMOKES, I said EASE not cut in front of the man and veer him onto oncoming traffic.

My heart pounding in my mouth with the jolt, I ask

Me : What did you do there? You cut in front of the other car. I said ease in.

No answer but still has the cheeky smile.


I start to notice most cars either trail way behind us or change lanes. The ones in front suddenly start to speed.


Yay home!

We ARE home!


Not quite….

Have to park the car. Daughter has enough confidence to drive up the slightly steep driveway (only a slight climb but at one point have to strain the neck to see beyond)

Me : remember there is a room beyond the wall. STOP.


That was the longest half hour of my life

I need a camomile tea and a lie down.




6 comments so far

  1. Indyana on

    haha….that’s called front seat ‘back seat’ driving!

  2. Lady divine on

    what an experience…:-)
    after some practise, your daughter will be fine..:-)

  3. Azrael on

    Hey at least she’s not driving in Sri Lankan roads 😀

  4. R on

    Brings back the times when dad gave lessons…:-)

    Eventually he gave up and let the professionals take over. It worked for the both of us.

    Now, I’m the one doing most of the backseat driving.:D

  5. mia on

    It was too much excitement people, I tell ya
    Azreal, that is a plus I know

  6. SpectralCentroid on

    One should never learn driving from their dad or mom. That’s better for the mental and physical health of both parties. really.

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