Money Money Money…….

…….is a poor man’s word. It may be a rich man’s world but it definitely is a constant word in the poor man’s world or lack thereof.

Though the rich man’s world is filled with money, the word ‘money’ is non-existent in their vocab. Their favourite words would be profit, acquisition, properties, markets (not the Sunday variety) accountants, legal tax evasion strategies…………..


Listen to the people who barely make ends meet. Their whole life is consumed by the word ‘money’. It is either ‘no money’ to do this or ‘no money’ buy that. Or “how much will it cost?”………………………



14 comments so far

  1. Azrael on

    This is the reality of things…

  2. Indyana on

    How very true….sigh!

  3. mia on

    Irony of it! isn’t it?

  4. the jester on

    Weeelllll….. You see, when you’re surrounded by something, you fail to see that it exists and take it for granted. Like toothpaste. I was just turning it over in my head when I was brushing my teeth.

  5. the jester on

    Not that you’re surrounded in toothpaste, btw. Just, Have it freely available.

    Just had to put that up because that last comment just looked plain weird.

  6. Angel on

    ah, the agony…..

  7. Lady divine on

    Such sadness…..
    Some would also say, where there is money, there is power…
    Destruction and corruption lies there too…

  8. mia on

    You sure must have been in another realm to squeeze toothpaste on your head, Jester!

    Money is power, there is no doubt about that.

  9. the jester on

    Toothpaste? Head? I meant turning the IDEA of taking toothpaste for granted around in my head.

  10. mia on

    Can you think of a another analogy, Jester?

  11. the jester on

    Well, Soap? How many people must be going Soap! Soap! Soap! or even Fish Sticks! Fish Sticks! Fish Sticks!

    In my case, Video Card! Video Card! Video Card!

    But it all boils down to money, or the lack thereof, Since you could buy all that if you had the money.

  12. mia on

    Lol jester, you do know how to put up a good fight eh?

    btw, going on a tangent, did you know fish sticks (otherwise known as fish fingers)are bad for you?

  13. the jester on

    Are they? Why so?

    The school canteen puts fish fingers in the Hot Dogs each Friday. So should I sue the school?

  14. mia on

    Have you ever seen square fish? : )
    Do you know the percentage of fish in fish fingers? You’d be surprised! Just 40% in most cases, the rest is mostly wheat starch and all sort of other rubbish.

    How can the school put fish fingers in hotdog buns and call it hotdogs?
    Shouldn’t it be called fish burger or similar? I think you should riot or protest on that. 😉

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