Signs of *** *** Catching Up

It is catching up!

Daughter comes home and informs “Suzi Quatro is coming to town”

Imagine my elation as I think “Blondie” is coming to town. Don’t ask me why the brain processed Suzi as Blondie, just look at the heading then try and fill in the blanks. Be kind.

Me with my eyes popping and ears straightened, inquire, “When? Where is she going to perform? Where do you buy tickets?”

Daughter with equally big eyes, in a surprised tone, “do you like Suzi Quatro?”

Annoyed and in a terse voice, “yes, why?” (I did have a life before, you know)

(I am annoyed because if I say I like something out of the ordinary, she sound so surprised– and it could get annoying, u know)

“Do you really?” asks the daughter

Now very annoyed I reply, “why do you find it so surprising?”

“I didn’t know you liked her” she replies now in a more even tone.

“So, where is she performing and where do I buy tickets?

“I don’t know,mum, but if you’d like to go, you’ll have to buy tickets soon. So and so said she bought hers weeks ago and only few seats were left even back then”

“Can you ask her how to buy tickets?”

“Ok, I’ll also bring the CD they (apparently few people were talking about it ) offered me to take home and listen, I didn’t bring cos I don’t like – its old people music”

That was few days ago and she forgot to bring the CD the day after.

Today, daughter comes home with a Suzie Quatro CD, and hand it to me,

“Here mum, I brought the CD”

I look at the CD, now completely gone blank,

“Why did you bring me a Suzi Quatro CD?”

“you said you liked her mum”

Oooohhh, (now v v embarrassed) I answer,

“I meant Blondie!” (in an apologetic tone)

“I knew, you didn’t know what you were talking about, mum” (gruff and walks off like a peacock, with an air of ‘I was right all along’)

Ooooo  : )

He he he (red in my face)


6 comments so far

  1. Indyana on

    Hehe…that was cute!I see Blondie was one of your favourites! hubby apparently, liked her too until Madonna took over his fantasies, I don’t keep track now!

    The other day, I asked my son whether he could find “Dire straits” on Ares…he asked me if it was a song! Oh dear! How they make me feel like I’m from ancient times!

  2. mia on

    Children have a knack of making us parents feel like dinosaurs. One day my daughter said one of her friends is going out with an old guy. I immediately thought over 30 years. I don’t mean over 30 is old, but you know comparatively, for an 18 year old.

    When I asked how old, daughter said “oh 27 or 28”

  3. the jester on

    I like some old music. Does that make me and old fogey?

    Just more old folks making a fuss over their music going out of fashion. Don’t worry, I’ll put up a torrent, “Oldies for old people”…. 😀 😀 😉

    Don’t kill me.

  4. mia on

    You think you are sooo funny, don’t you Jester? 😛

  5. the jester on

    Yup, That’s me. At 5.45 in the morning. Really.

    Indyana, Using P2P software(Ares) for downloading copyrighted material is illegal… You should set a good example for us impressionable youngsters and buy your music. 😉

  6. Indyana on

    O my god! Jester, it’s off my PC from now for sure…I didn’t know…yikes!I’m truly ashamed!

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