What Does APEC Stand For?

According to Chasers war on everything, it stand for





God, love those Chaser boys every Wednesday night.


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  1. Lady divine on

    That is awesome.. and so damn true!!!!

  2. the jester on

    Which APEC are you two referring to? The Asia Pacific Thing or the Applied Power Electronics Conference? Or neither?

    Yup, it’s cold outside of the loop.

  3. Manjula Kularathne on

    Bums for Bush!
    While ago all 21 Leaders of APEC received 21 Bum Salute from quirky Aussies!

  4. mia on

    Jester, I was referring to Asia pacific ‘thing’ 😛

    Manjula K
    I missed that one.
    The joke is Chasers cruised through two police check points and was at the hotel where Bush is staying when they were finally arrested. lol
    Since they were inside APEC security zone they could be charged and perhaps a jail sentence. If that happens that will be the biggest joke.

  5. Manjula Kularathne on

    What an embarrassment! Even they were questioned again by police after yesterdays fake motorcade in CBD – But there wasn’t a Canadian Bin Laden this time 🙂
    Aussie news-less media having a good time.

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