I am Spam :-O

This is similar to being ill-treated by ones’ parents. Ok, may be bad analogy.  

This is similar to parents cooing over the visitors’ child and caters to their every whim while their own is kept lurking in the background, totally ignored. Yeah, I think that is as good an analogy as any. I watch confused unable to comprehend why things are, the way they are.

I have every right to be accepted and validated as the visitors’ child. May be more so!

It is my home after all.

 Why is WordPress not pressing my words?  Api kalu da?

All my comments are picked up as spam, gobbled by Akismet and damned to the dungeons. Before I figured that out, I clicked ‘submit comment’ in answer to a comment made by one of my regular visitors.(in Cafe Culture) It just went to oblivion. I tried again and again and again, and…. ..they all went to nether land.  After the first few tries, WordPress popped its head every time I clicked ‘submit’, to inform me, that it looks like— from their high ground– I am duplicating comments. Helloo… had they appeared in the comment column, then ‘yes’ guilty as charged. But they did not, did they? Finally I gave up. Little did I know they were duplicated in spam.

That was then, this is now. I have written a new post since.(Knock Knock) When someone commented on it I thought I’ll reciprocate and clicked ‘submit’. Yes just like previous times my comment just vanished. Gobble-smacked.

As an honourable law abiding citizen I fight for my rights, so I did some detective work to get to the bottom of why I am suddenly persona non grata in my own place, when commenting.

I want to write, comment and read. no more no less.  Detective work eats a sizeable portion of my precious time.  

I am a highly sought after person with a demanding schedule and a hectic, head-spinning life.  So when an extra lug is added, the head stops at the wrong position in the spin. Not happy Jan  I   do have a life outside of blogging you know.

Anyway after much digging I found out the culprit. Akismet gobbled up my comments! With my new found knowledge I sent my last comment – on ‘Knock Knock’ – to where it should have gone in the first place.

I am spam in my own place.

Go figure!                                                                                                                                           


2 comments so far

  1. Azrael on

    Yeah go figure he he 😀

  2. pissu perera on

    i couldn’t access any wordpress blogs last friday..thing is, i’m not sure if it was something wrong with wordpress or me…:)

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