Stages of Evolution

All ages are approximate and statistics solely from car travel (Unofficial Mothers Federation)

Ages 7-10

From the backseat of the car

Mum akki pinched me

Mum akki pushed me

Mum malli bit me

Mum malli pulled my hair

Mum akki hit me

Aww..aww .malli is pulling my hair

Boo hoo…………Waa wa wa………….

Mum akki scratched me, it is bleeding

Waa waa…wa……

Don’t touch me you twerp

You are the twerp

Move away you grub

You are the grub

Mum akki called me a twerp

Mum akki called me a grub


Fight, fight, fight all the way to the destination and back

Ages 11 -13

Before leaving the house….

I bag the front seat

No, I bag it

I bagged it first

Someone already has raced and nicely plonked themselves in the front seat

Get out, I bagged it first

The person already seated is looking plum and satisfied

Mum, I bagged the front seat first

But I was here first, mum

Get out!



You always take malli’s side (and gets in the car)

Aww ..mummy’s little boy (and ruffles malli’s hair)

Mum, akki touched my head


Yeah that is right, take malli’s side


Sulk, sulk, sulk all the way to the destination

14-15 –onwards

Mum can you switch to AM – radio national

He he (evil laugh as it is already FM) by the person in the front seat

Mum can you switch to AM

I switch it on

Switched right back to FM with a evil laugh

Mum can you switch it back on


Akki can you switch to AM

No, you had it yesterday

No, I didn’t

Yes, you did

No, I did not

Yes, you……………………….


I get AM tomorrow

Hehe (evil laugh) whoever gets in the car first, gets to choose

My daily prayer


10 comments so far

  1. Azrael on

    Must have been fun driving around with them he he 😀

  2. Lady divine on

    Oh you touched a nostalgic chord with your post…
    i remember the fights I used to have with my bro… oh my.. that was fun.. and looking back is even better..:-)

  3. pissu perera on

    i’m 21 and my malli is 18 but we still have all those fights..most of the time we burst out laughing at the end, but on and off, they’re still serious fights…:)

  4. mia on


    It is a surprise my sanity is intact. Or is it? hmmm

    I bet you didn’t call out to your mother every time someone did something.
    I remember fighting with my sisters but never kept chanting ‘mum’ for everything. We silently punched and pushed. : )

    Still fighting?
    Oh help me!

  5. mia on

    He ha my comment appeared in comments on the first try!

  6. The Jester on

    It’s nice, me being the youngest of the lot. 😉

  7. The Jester on

    Though the difference in circumference between me and my brother usually kept me quiet…

  8. Indyana on

    My kids are stuck in the 7-10 stage…

  9. mia on

    Jester, you poor boy. Did your big bro beat you? You should have run to mummy. Mothers usually take the little one’s side.

  10. The Jester on

    Yeah, They actually do! But my superior agility and cunning made sure I was able to evade my sibling.

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