People,People,Irritating People

Why do people think that anothers’ doing or saying is irritating,when they turn around and do or say a similar thing and acts as if it was perfectly acceptable?

It is because we are blind to our own folly or because we can justify what we do as warranted, in our minds?

Something that happened at work made me ponder.


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  1. Darwin on

    Bit of both I’d say. People rarely practice what they preach:)

  2. the jester on

    Yes, we are blind to our own follies, Even in smell, it seems so. We can’t smell ourselves, and are blisfully unaware that we’re causing a small scale catastrophe…

    Anyway, Happens all the time. It’s just how people are. But I agree, they shouldn’t really complain about stuff, Since they SHOULD be aware that there might be some chance they themselves are doing something equally distasteful in the eyes of another.

  3. the jester on

    = The dangers associated with gathering round stupid people.

  4. mia on

    Beats me why some people can’t see their ways. They only have to see the facial expressions of others to get a whiff of it. No need to be extra smart; just a bit of perception will do.

    You hit the nail on the head with your second comment.

  5. Antony on

    Most people look outward – at other people – with a more critical eye than the one they turn inward. This may safely be referred to as ‘double standards’.

    The phenomenon sucks but is, more often than not, unintentional. At least it was in my case!

    This happens partly because we are blind to our own folly. And partly because we can rationalise our actions to ourselves – and do not give others the opportunity to rationalise theirs.

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