I got it back—-my phone, that is.


Sons’ mobile got whooshed in the washing machine. I load the machine and switch it on… yet technically it was not my fault as it was his responsibility to take it out of the pocket before putting the clothes in the basket. My job is to empty the basket into the machine , wash and dry them. So there!

The phone had a good wash and then into the dryer….. it was raining outside….  Soon as I swtiched on the dryer I heard bang, bang, bang and wondered “what on earth is that?”

Opened the dryer door and rummaged, looked for sons’ clothes…..  I instinctively knew, whatever it was, had to come from his pockets. If only you knew the things he stashes inside his pockets, you would understand.

Voila! A mobile phone. I didn’t say that word at that time. It was not voila moment. It was more like, damn! Phone looked squeaky clean and shiny with a good bath, alas dead.   

Anyway, I gave my phone to the son until we bought a new one for him.

Then began the tug-o-war. What should’ve been a couple of days without a phone (for me) dragged out endlessly.

His demand for a fancy phone with many features as possible and my insistence to look for a cheap one created the dragging match. I wanted him to look for something $100 or under. Obviously he went for $200 or over. No, I am not going to whoosh another $200 in the tub.  He didn’t whinge for a $400 -$500 one. Even he knew that would’ve been a bit of a stretch; otherwise believe you me he would have tried. 

So he sulked and carried on with my phone and I kept to my guns and carried on without one.

Smarty pants big sister, who constantly tries to stir the pot, said “mum why don’t you let him have yours and buy a new one for you?”  Genius! As if that would have worked. The whinging would have escalated and lasted until he got my new one. It would’ve been either that or for me to stick cottonwool in my ears. 

Finally, perhaps the tug game got a bit weary, he bought one for $129 with radio, mp3, camera, video and other usual features– games etc. Only $29 over but hey that was expected. A small compromise, ‘supposedly’, goes a long way. I start lower than my threshold, expecting him to build up, giving the impression he won the bargaining game. It makes him happy. What he doesn’t know is I expected him to go a bit higher. But that is my secret, Shhh…. I can still out-fox the kids.

He is stoked and I am glad to have my phone back.


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  1. Lady divine on

    oh my…. phone in the washing machine? damn!!
    I would’ve felt terrible and cried for days if that happened..
    well once when i went for a pedicure my phone fell into the basin of water and it didn’t work properly for days.. then i dried it properly with a hair dryer and took the phone apart and it started to work again.. but it still gets very wonky at times.. i think it’s time i got a new one… after I’ve saved a bit though!

  2. Indyana on

    That’s always the way to do it…hehe!

  3. mia on

    Since then, I have heard from another lady that her mobile died after she accidently put it in the washing machine…… but it works fine now after she thoroughly dried it.
    Phones in SL are very expensive isn’t it?

    I hope he doesn’t see this post

  4. The jester on

    So mothers frequently underestimate the value of whatever they’re willing to give eh? Hmm… Yes, phones in sl are expensive. But what you described can be bought for about 15k. Next time I ask for something, I’m going to increase its value by around 20 percent so as to offset the effect you mentioned… Thanks for the heads up! Btw, Doesnt your son read your blog? Shameful 😉

  5. mia on

    Jester, you incorrigible child. I was hoping you will not read this post, not just my son. This was for adults only. As a good son you should take 20% off of whatever you want. I’ll have to watch what I write in the future now that I know children are reading my blog. 😛

    A good phone in SL cost around 35k-50k, right?

    Sometimes my son reads when I write a post and chuckle to himself, but no, he doesn’t specifically go and read my blog. He is the one who pushed me to own one; now that it is done he’s lost interest.
    Typical children!

  6. The jester on

    Knock 20 off? Unheard of! Yes, one like a k790 or n series phone would,But they’re only for people who want multimedia phones. But who doesn’t, right?

  7. pissu perera on

    when my brother’s phone dies he takes my mum’s phone’s battery. drives her up the wall, it does. lol.

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