Joys of Polygamy

Spread the joyous word and you’ll be one step closer to divinity.— Ok, that was a joke.

A knock at the front door mid-afternoon, saw two young men standing at the door eagerly waiting to be greeted. I took one look (peeped more like it) and went “bleh, those who claim to be witnesses”, ignored the knock and went about my way.

Short time later, another knock– geez they sure were determined to hallow me out of hell – and another few minutes of anticipation, then realising their luck was out (or mine, depends which end of the scale you are) finally started to retreat. I then had a good look at them and thought “they are not witnesses”, and went “oh Mormons!!!!!”

I have never had the pleasure of meeting a Mormon before, they tend to go about their holy ways with upturned noses and stick to their communes. Although I have had many a theological chats at the front door with the witnesses -sometimes for hours, but not with Mormons.

I can kick myself for missing the opportunity for a titillating discussion about polygamy.  That would’ve been an entertaining quiz. Of course they would have said it is not practised in their branch. Still, I could have broadened my mind and expanded my horizons with an uplifting (not) theological conversation.


Short while later I went for a walk to clear the head and breathe some fresh air. While chugging uphill -yes, I live in a rollercoaster area – a car slowly past me by and a slight glance (by me) in that direction saw a man, who had his elbow casually on the open window, give a wave without a backward or a sideways glance. I had the automatic reaction of waving back, but my hand stopped as soon as it started to move. What do you know it was the two Mr Polygamists.

Now I am wondering if they know who live where and knew I was inside the house and didn’t answer.

 Next time, Mr Mormons, next time.


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  1. enTRpy on

    Recently I had an opportunity to visit Salt Lake City where the main Mormon church is based. In my case, rather than two Mr. Mormons it was two very attractive females (made me think that being a Mormon might not be that bad :P) who took me around the church complex. They put on quite an interesting show to promote there faith but unfortunately (or fortunately?) for them I was more amused by the whole show rather than being convinced of their faith. However, I was truly amazed by how dedicated they are to maintaining the Mormon church as well as practicing their faith.

  2. R on

    And I thought you were for real. Darnit!

    Sorry. The secret to happiness is short-term, stupid self-interest! 🙂

  3. mia on

    Oh yeah, you have to hand it to them, they are devoted alright. I cannot even fathom how they exert themselves for such cult activity. Perhaps if I was born into a commune I guess it would be second nature to me.

    he he sorry about that.
    At least you had some excitement, however short lived, eh?
    Btw, for some reason your comment was in spam. I don’t routinely check spam, only now and then to see who is hawking Viagra. Guess I will have to check it more often now.

  4. pissu perera on

    i saw a documentary on CNN about this once and it freaked me out. more than anything else, it was the regimentation of sorts that was there. i suppose it’s easier to live with if you’re born in to it.

  5. R on

    yeah, wordpress is acting strange lately. Comments were blocked on Lirneasia and Cerno’s pad. And I’m not the only one.

  6. Darwin on

    Mormons scare me. ‘Witnesses’ scare me. Actually anyone overly religious scares me a little bit! Sometimes it’s best to simply avoid them as even discussing their pet subject is akin to banging your head on a brick wall.

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