While writing yet another thought provoking, mind enhancing intellectual post of my worldly wisdom on Friday,  a sudden thought sprung to mind- I am positive it was a message from the universe—– “why in the name of God did I choose ‘Whisperings’, it doesn’t suit a blog of aforementioned  substance.

Did I hear someone hooting? I have one question for you or you or you and you– do you think you do any better?……hmpf….. Yes, that’s what I thought!

I should have gone for my artistic director’s altruistic suggestions – namely my male progeny – or one of his suggestions to be precise – ‘Uber Cool Mum’ – After all, this was the only suggestion of his that made me ponder briefly before going; I am much more than just that. Vastly more! That would have been portraying one side of me, though in reality progenies claim rights to all sides; I have to find a niche for me, me, and me. It is all about me!

I aint a narcissist but then you gathered that already ha? I am full of humility. If you can’t see that then it is either you have a problem comprehending simple writing or you are not using the right side of the brain as much as you should.

I thought of many aptly suitable names for someone of my stature. I don’t want to go overboard with ultra hip, out there sort of names. After all I am a simple woman with simple needs and desires.I dislike showing off and  abhor worldly indulgences. I’d rather give that wasteful money to a starving family in Africa. Perhaps I might get my head around to saying ‘in SL’ pretty soon, the way that country is going.

Veering slightly, I was looking at a Lexus the other day, to buy of course, but the seats were not the right shade – the varying shades in their colour palette was either half a shade off  or not just right of the exact shade I was keen on. So I asked the dealer to custom make it for me for an additional amount –a mere $5000 extra. I hate bragging people.

Now, since I started at the bottom – ‘Whisperings’ begin with a W if you hadn’t noticed and it is towards the tail end of the alphabet. So I am dead keen on having something with ‘A’ in front. I vehemently oppose climbing the ladder. Who has time to climb in our frantic schedules and time constraints?  So, yeah winching is the best way. whoosshhh all the way to the top in one go.

Getting back to names….

I thought I can’t be insane. There are many ‘insane’ and ‘ramblings’ around here. Some have a ‘beautiful’ mind though insane. Besides, I am as sane as they come.

I can’t give ‘awards’, someone is already doing that. I can’t be ‘divine’, I passed that long ago. I am above that now. I like to eat paan waati, in fact that is all I eat. I don’t like the middle, but someone had been chewing on it for far too long.   I have been trying to reach ‘Utopia’ all my life but someone is already marching there.

 So………….while giving my rusty brain a workout I came up with some mesmerizing names……

‘My life portrayed’ – but who wants to be stuck in the middle?

‘Portrayal of a life’ – I am leaning towards this one a lot, but I have to add ‘A’ at the beginning and am thinking of a way to get around it without facing the wrath of our beloved Queen. God save her precious soul and to hell with the rest of us.

‘Quizzical expressions’ – this is so darn plain, don’t you think?

There are plenty more ideas where that came from but can’t write them here due to copyright issues.

So what do you think?



Should I change or should I lug along whispering for ever more?


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  1. The jester on

    You sound drunk. First time I’ve heard a mother say “aint”.. hehehe

    AAAWhisperings? Or just to be sure, !@#$%Whisperings.

    If Whisperings is just isn’t enough, what about
    *The Blog previously known as Whisperings
    *Or, for the goth in you, “The dark and black recesses of my mind”

  2. R on

    A mid-blog crisis? Oh dear.

  3. mia on

    Waaat, me drunk?
    You ain’t seen nofing yet, son : )
    I was sober then as I always am *hic*

    I guess I will stick to whisperings then. What is the deal with ‘Bill” ?

    If you put it that way.

  4. Jack Point on

    I like UberMom or Uber Cool Mum.

    There was a blog I was reading the other day called Rantings of a Paki Chick, some variation on that may also be suitable.

    If you fit the definition,
    (see here

    scroll down the page – its close to the bottom, may I venture to suggest that you call it Words of Wisdom from a Yummy Mummy.

  5. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    “whisperings from the sane mind”?!?!
    “mid-life whispers”
    “humility whisperings”
    “everythin from the right side of the brain”

    just to few to pick from ur own words 😉

  6. Indyana on

    Stick with ,if you still like it…but, if you want a change…go for it!

  7. The Jester on

    “Sayings of a non-narcissictic, sane and non indulgent print of my life.”

    Bill was just. You know, different. 😉

  8. John on

    Uber Mom? Next you’ll be wearing tights and fighting crime. And I reiterate, crime fighting can NOT be done without tights.

    “A Chocolate Mind” <- Sure to put you in the top of the list

    “A Helping of Blog” <- Alphabetically superior again.

    Why do you want to change the name anyway? I think Whisperings is good. After all aren’t we all whispering compared to the combined noise of the Internet?

    yummy mummy. hur hur hur

  9. Lady divine on

    hmmm… a blog crisis I see….
    well, the reason I called myself ‘divine’ is not because I’m 100% divine.. but someone who strives to be like that… and be a better person everyday…
    it sort of makes me remind myself that I’m already a good person, because I always judge myself as well, and i love to help anyone at any time of need in any way i can.. and lots more…..

    well, I hope u hit it right..:-)

  10. mia on

    Thanks everyone.
    I just felt the need for a name change but reading everyone’s response may be I’ll just carry on with Whisperings. I almost went for Jack Points Words of Wisdom (without yummy mummy of course) until John came and asked why I wanted to change the name.
    I even liked Jester’s !@#$%Whisperings
    But when someone like John who has the gift of gab say there is nothing wrong with the name, I better stand up and listen : )
    LD, don’t take it so hard or personally. Everything I wrote here was tic (tongue-in-cheek)

  11. The Jester on

    Great, Now I won’t hear the end of “someone like John who has the gift of gab”… 🙂

    Thanks mia, You made life just so much easier. 😉

  12. mia on

    I thought it goes without saying that you are on par with your big bro!
    How’s that?
    Or if you prefer I can delete the comment before John sees it. 😛

  13. John on

    Too late. Saw it. hmmm, so I have the gift of the gab eh? why thank you, that is right up there with my 2_hott_2_be_urs plaque 🙂

    So your keeping “Whisperings”? good for you. Browse you later.

    Well, we all can’t be me can we now?

  14. The Jester on

  15. Lady divine on

    No no.. not at all… Just thought I’d let you know..:-)

  16. pissu perera on

    piisu perera is a bit late, as always. lol. so i see you decided to stick with whisperings. awesomoso =) how about “sri lankan sundari”? no? sigh. i didn’t think so either. lol. so keep whispering then ma’am.

  17. mia on

    Aww.. pissu thanks for the ‘sundari’tag. Here’s a hug and a kiss for that.
    I needed to hear that, had a hard time today. You’ll know why if i decide to blog about it. 🙂

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