I am wondering….

….and thinking…. and quite apprehensive, not knowing how much a computer administrator is capable of knowing or finding out about another’s computer habits.

I really am worried after a chat I had with our IT guy. Oh dear.

It started with a talk about problems with my computer and the conversation flowed from there.

After fixing whatever was wrong he said  “ I am due for a coffee break, want to join me?”

I said “sure, why not, I can do with a break”

Boy, I have to say men in this country are on par with women when it comes to gossiping. It was a culture shock to me at the beginning, though not anymore. I was not used to gossiping men in SL. SLankan men don’t gossip, at least not when I was younger, I don’t know about now.

He started confiding about certain someone’s certain habits and the sites she visits and the rest of the conversation is a blur as my mind wandered off to, guilty conscious prick the mind land. How on earth did he know about this person’ habits when they are occupying separate parts of the building? How much can he know as the administrator? …and multitude of similar questions filled my mind.

 What about me? How much, if any, does he know about me, kottu and my blog? I don’t write posts at work-maybe I have commented, I can’t remember-but I do go on my blog and on kottu.    

Oh, what have I done!  

That is the last time I will go on my blog at work.    

My only hope is trusting our mutual admiration society. We respect each other as friends/colleagues. He is a decent bloke. I am relying on him to honour that = ) and hold onto any suspicions,if any, he may have.

Having said that, I am not comfortable that he knows…. IF.. he knows.

 Where is my privacy? I need it!


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  1. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    welcome to CORPORATE IT POLICY. SYS admin have the right to look over the shoulder where it involves a pc (apparently).. if u didn’t know yet, u had kissed goodbye to privacy at office when i joined a company and started to log in to the system…. read more of tht on my blog 😉 thats how i vent it n sutle hints if they are reading 🙂

  2. R on

    invading privacy is one thing. But publicly judging a person in their absence is a crime in itself.

    IMO what difference does it if a person goes to “unnecessary sites” as long he/she does the job.

  3. R on

    Btw, you might find this site interesting:


  4. mia on

    Oh LS you added more angst. I would’ve thought they had better things to do with their time. Perhaps I should find more problems with my computer and make him work more than sit in his room and perve
    What is your post called and which month did you write it? I want to read it


    He was not judging as such. He thought it was juicy gossip. He is one of the nicer guys there. He tells me things because he knows it stops with me and won’t go any further. Well, not counting my blog entry of course! : )
    For me, it was enough to send shockwaves. I don’t mind him knowing my visits to kottu but definitely not my blog

    Thanks for the website. I added it to my favourites.

  5. drac on

    He might not have a choice. In some places, the system administrators are responsible for reporting net connectivity use to management. Even if that weren’t the case, I’m pretty sure that your place of employment has an acceptable web-use policy to prevent all sorts of lawsuits. Things like blogs tend to get rolled up into that blanket, unfortunately.

    If you really want to be sure about privacy – blog from home. You can write your post at work if you want and transport a copy home (I’d say email yourself a copy, but ummm. Using your work address probably isn’t a great idea). Logging into wordpress and copy/pasting the entry should be a matter of a few minutes work at home, if that.

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