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  1. The Jester on

    Wha? Is that an Owl? Does it talk? Do calculus? Whats up?

    Or is it just a new pet?

  2. Dili on

    Looks like a Kookaburra….is it?

  3. Indyana on

    Whaa….it’s looking at me!!

  4. John on

    It’s a meatloaf

  5. John on

    Sorry for that bit of misleading info, I had no idea what I was looking at. I thought it was Lassi for some reason. Are there kookaburra’s in England ?

  6. mia on

    Hi Everyone,
    I just figured out how to upload pictures on wordpress. : ) lol

    Yes it’s a kookaburra. They don’t talk but they laugh. No it is not a pet, it is wild. I feed them dinner and when I was standing there to take a photo Kooka thought it was dinner time so got closer and closer.

  7. Indyana on

    You are so lucky to be feeding these birds dinner! I mean are they around commonly?That must be nice!

  8. mia on

    Kookaburra is a majestic looking bird. There is a bushland at the back with tall trees and they just sit on top of the trees, pondering and contemplating. About 4-5 come for dinner with about 3-4 magpies (the big ones) another 4-5 black birds (that is their name)and brown birds (don’t know their name) They are all meat eaters.
    I buy about 3-4kg of mince at a time and freeze individual portions for daily dinner, thaw it and feed them.
    My children sometimes complain there is more food for the birds than them : )

  9. Dili on


  10. Indyana on


  11. The Jester on

    So you’re the Evil Bird Lady in you’re neighborhood?

    …Don’t kill me!

  12. mia on

    “…Don’t kill me!”

    I can’t. You are too far away. 😛

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