Few days back,I had a call from a salesman from a subsidiary of the Ceylinco group of companies with an offer for SL expats.

He spoke thousand km an hour without pausing and I hardly understood a word. I tried in vain to ask him to slow down but couldn’t get a word in edgeways. Perhaps he was reading the sales pitch from written material. I waited for him to take a breather then jumped “er.. I am sorry but I honestly can’t understand what you are saying” which prompted him to say “ok  w e   a r e   o f f e r i n g Sri Lankans living in your country the opportunity to join (whatever) to send…………. and he sped again. Since I managed to grasp a few words here and there I understood it was a service to send flowers/gifts etc to relatives in SL for a membership fee of just $20 per annum.

I waited for a breather again then quickly jumped with my Q “why would I want to join your service when there are similar services with no joining fee”?

I needn’t say the answer was grand prix style but I caught a 75minutes worth of free calls are included part. Wee!!!!!!! Eventually I realised I can’t win with him nor understand so I said “is there a website I could visit for further information on this?”

He gave me the address and said he’ll call again later.

Just imagine …..even if you think conservatively…say hundred thousand people joined with the belief $20 over a year is less than lolly money… that’s a cool two million ‘in dollars’ in Mr Kotalawela’s coffers!

Isn’t he a genius?


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  1. Times Eye on

    This celinco guy wants to pretend that he’s soing great service to people in sri lanka,but what ever he does is for money

  2. The Jester on

    Everyone does it. For example, One place put an ad in the papers saying it was offering a course in computers. Maximum of 100 students or so, But they also charge 500 bucks for each application. So, say 5000 people apply, that’s 2,500,000. Smaller scale, but still more or less the same.

    And how do you know it was King Kotalawela who thought it up? Maybe it was one of his directors, Who’s going to become very rich very fast.

  3. Azrael on

    Whatever any businessman does is for money 😀

  4. Lady divine on

    The whole purpose of most businesses is to make ‘more money’…so they’ll always find a way.:-)

  5. mia on

    Times Eye,
    …..and he is swimming in it.

    I think it’s immoral to charge a fee from applicants if they are not even sure of a place. If it is for registration then at least you could understand.

    “And how do you know it was King Kotalawela who thought it up?”
    Perhaps someone else came up with it. hey could be his wife 🙂 Still, Ceylinco = Kotalawela

    Azrael and LD,
    If one has money, greedier one becomes isn’t it?

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