My Secret Stash

Though my handbag got heavy by the day and my arm hurt carrying it……..and though a brief puzzled thought swept through the unconscious mind, no strong connection or deliberation was made on the thought and I carried on – by the look of it for weeks – going into months perhaps.

A zippered compartment outside (I’ll call it ‘outer’ from here on) my handbag, hold the car keys, a pen and other necessities -and some money as well–around $8-$10 for convenience. You know rather than go through the whole hog of having to open the handbag -take out the purse- and pay for (when buying) one item or small quantities.

Lately, though I mechanically open the outer to pay for small purchases like a loaf of bread etc, I never could find any money there.  while briefly puzzled I just carried on by paying the longer way and later placing a $5 -$10 note in there for future use.

I carried on with this system of paying with the said notes for the little purchasing necessities that crop up every so often and place the change in there.   When the necessity arose again and I dived for the money it was empty. Sure, I thought it was weird after a few times and wondered if I was losing money. Then again thought, maybe I spent it on treats for the children though the vague feeling of; ‘I did not spend the last cent’ was present somewhere in the subconscious. In the same subconscious another notion was present ‘Perhaps children took money to pay for something’ though I know they always ask me first. Still……the probability was there.

Anyway the cycle carried on until……

…..yesterday when I bought some mandarins and automatic search in the outer found it empty….again!  I casually mentioned to the woman seller “I always used to have some money on the outside pocket and it’s never there anymore” She said “do you think there is a rip in the lining?”

Her observation washed over me at that time and I remember saying “hmm… good question”

That was yesterday, this is today.  When I was getting ready this morning, and putting some small change in the outer, the fruit sellers’ words nudged me. I emptied the whole outer, searched inside and felt a hole in the corner of the lining. It was just big enough to put two fingers in.

After probing and feeling the coins between the lining and the outside fabric, I began pulling out little by little and to my amazement kept pulling out endlessly until I became $40.45 richer in coins as a result! I couldn’t believe how much was stashed in there. No wonder the bag was getting heavy and my arm was hurting. I can’t understand why the money never jingled, perhaps because the bag has quite a sturdy bottom support.

If not for the fruit seller I don’t know how long I would’ve carried on, perhaps until it got ridiculously heavy. The funny part is I was getting tired of the ‘heavy’ bag and was thinking of taking it to Vinnie’s but couldn’t bring myself to do so as the bag is pretty much brand new. I bought it in Jan but only just started to use it.

Pulling out all that money was like winning the lotto : )


10 comments so far

  1. enTRpy on

    Wow! That’s quite a stash. Aren’t you glad you came by it on a Friday? 🙂

  2. Angel Eyes on

    hmmm Mia… your story sounds familiar. The same thing happened to my aunty and i ended up fetching out all the coins as though it was a lucky dip 🙂

  3. T on

    $$40??? OMG where can i get a bag like that??

  4. Darwin on

    Sounds like a surreal piggy-bank there.

  5. mia on

    At the time of pulling out the money , the day didn’t matter as much as the money being pulled out : )

    Angel Eyes,
    It must be a common thing then. This is the first time it happened to me.

    From someone dreamy like me – had I taken it to the op shop,: )

    You can say that again. It was surreal. It also shows my dreamy existence. I can’t believe that. I used to be together and on the ball : )

  6. indyana on

    Wow! that must have felt great to find. I usually only get some old pens, or eyeliners or something,lying at the bottom of such bag holes!

  7. mia on

    Finding all that money sure was a great feeling : )

  8. The Jester on

    Though maybe if you hadn’t found it, You would have gone on to make your fortune, And a very muscular arm.

  9. Lady Divine on

    Ha! I thought as much before coming to the end of your post…even my mum once had this problem..and at the end – there was alot of change money and coins…:-)

  10. mia on

    Or….. I would’ve given it to the op shop and made an unsuspecting second-hand shopper v. happy and I would’ve ended up only with the muscular arm : )

    I will know where to look next time if things mysteriously disappear, won’t I?

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