Miscellaneous Aping

Reading  Indyana’s unusual post inspired me to write a similar……. and I am not easily inspired : )


I love the smell of fresh air

I don’t want to know where I will be when I am old, because I will never age in spirit (hope not)


I love snobs just so I can have a good laugh at their expense

I love eating out and non-halal is not a problem for me : )


When eating out I like to order creations of art

That means someone (chef) has touched it ceaselessly, I am told


I’d like to pretend they wore gloves and enjoy the visual and delicious marvels

Because I know I won’t cook like that at home


Sometimes I wonder why on earth I am blogging/writing and surprised I am still at it

Perhaps because of the community


I constantly think others are better than me in every way

Perhaps they are : )


I always see me as fat, though people tell me otherwise

During the day I starve myself –coffee, water, coffee, fruit, coffee more coffee, water…..


Grey hair on me is only a blurry vision

The moment one crops up, it get yanked


Still, I don’t think I am vain

And that’s all that matters : )


I try not to follow certain traditions

Just because that is what I am supposed to do


I feel it is mostly patriarchal set

And stand for women’s rights


I ask, if women are supposed to train and work

And help bring home the ‘chicken’ (had to change ‘bacon’ out of respect to Indyana)

Why follow certain traditions?


I am first and foremost, me

An individual, constantly evolving


8 comments so far

  1. The Jester on

    “I constantly think others are better than me in every way

    Perhaps they are : )”

    Strange… I constantly think I am better than others in every way. 😉

  2. pissu perera on

    i have to go with the jester..me, myself and i – the three most important people in the world 😀

  3. INDYANA on


  4. Lady divine on

    We’re all different… and I agree with Jester and Pissu Perera as well..:-)
    Oh we have something in common – The love for coffee..:-)

  5. mia on

    “ Strange… I constantly think I am better than others in every way.”
    I see a healthy dose of ego: )
    Way to go Jester!

    Wow, both Pissu and LD too? I wonder what will happen if the three of you got together to do a project? He he

    Yes Indyana, you do inspire. Don’t sound so shocked : )

    Have a good weekend all : )

  6. John on

    @Jester, pissu and LD
    ehem, and I thought I was the narcissist

    Is it raining there too? Rainy days always put in the mood for contemplation. By the way, I thought I might point out that the link to indyana does NOT work.

  7. mia on

    As a matter fact it is John! In fact wild storms are predicted. I should’ve gone wild with my post. hehe
    You have too many egos to fight now isn’t it?

    Indyana’s link is fixed. Thanks for pointing out.

  8. The jester on

    Yup. Definitely. The universe should revolve around me, if you ask me. Wait, I think it does…

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