Basic Essentials


 My children are well-fed, clothed, loved and happy……….

…..can I say I have more shoes? : )



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  1. pissu perera on

    somehow, i’ve never been much of a shoe person in spite of my two X chromosomes. i have a grand total of 5 pairs (including my bata slippers), though i like open toed stilettos a lot. so elegant.. never liked them mules.

    ps – you sound like my mum. she has more pairs of shoed than the rest of the family put together

  2. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    omg.. thats al u got.. SHAME SHAME

  3. R on

    They say that to really understand someone, you have to get into their shoes.

    Now I understand why women are so hard to comprehend.

  4. Indyana on

    Hahahahaha!!! Are you having a struggle explaining the number of shoes you have to the kids at home??

  5. The Jester on

    They say the way to a man’s heart is through food. A womans, Shoes.

    Actually, No. Just made that up. 😉 Anyway, I don’t think I’ve gone through so many pairs of shoes in my entire LIFE.

  6. mia on

    Thanks guys for the laughs, especially R and Jester……the post was intended as a bit of fun.

    Jester, did I tell you that I have more? Part-way arranging the lot, I just got tired……. son was doing all sorts of disruptive things like…… constantly jumping over the lot, standing in a way that would add his shadow on the photo etc.

    Pissu, I knew you would be shocked as I have read about your Bata : )

    LS 😛

    Indyana, My son rolled his eyes and said all sort of blokey things while I was arranging. I thought I’ll seize the opportunity and give him a bit of advice for the future. I told him not to be a barrier between his wife and her shoes : )
    I think that is wise advice, don’t you?

  7. Indyana on

    You bet! Some ties run deep! hehe!

  8. Lady divine on

    I LOVE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!
    and all I gotta say is “WOW”!!

  9. Lady divine on

    and all I gotta say is “WOW”!!

  10. John on

    You know how many cliches surround women and shoes? Now you know how they get created. Like jester said, we don’t use that many our entire life!! At any rate, do you wear them till they are worn?

  11. The Jester on

    Wear them till they’re worn?

    Heh… That’s like saying “Eat it till it’s eaten”. If you look at it in a different way, that is.

  12. mia on

    “do you wear them till they are worn?”
    Hmm………if you mean to ask if I wear them all or have worn them all…………..then the answer is ………No, some in the photo have never been worn : )

  13. John on

    What I meant was do you wear then till they are all worn out :). For example, my shorts which are mostly lost of holes held together by bits of material.

    Sorry for the miscommunication. It was a Wednesday.

  14. santhoshi on

    I loved looking at the shoes you should put up the rest when you got time!

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