A Treat For The Fashion Lover

Derby Day fashions 4th Nov 2007. Images copied from various websites


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  1. Lady divine on

    Just one word – WOW!

  2. Darwin on

    The hats are a bit OTT (I know, that’s the point). Can’t see myself wearing one unless it’s for a fancy dress:)

  3. mia on

    LD, you can’t beat elegance, can you? Unfortunately I couldn’t upload the real size which gave a better view.

    I know, hats are not everyone’s cup of tea. You’ll look pretty in a flower or just a head piece Darwin : )

    I adore the unusual headpiece. (photo next to the man in grey) The shape and colour suits the girl’s face and skin colouring to a T

  4. Angel on

    Oh they are gorgeous! Haven’t seen hats like these since last watching “My Fair Lady”!!

  5. The Jester on


    I see you’re making maximum use of the picture uploading feature. 😉

    Yet another example of the practicality of men –
    Only two men featured, And that’s wearing regular suits.
    Many women featured, wearing a smörgåsbord of outfits.


  6. mia on

    I am glad the photos were a source of entertainment for you. 😛

    The guy wearing the grey suit won (I think, can’t remember for sure) best dressed on a budget or something.

    “I see you’re making maximum use of the picture uploading feature”

    You got that right 🙂 I can’t believe I couldn’t figure that out until now.

    Hmm…. let me think what else I can upload. I am like a kid in a candy store : )

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