Entry of Sorts

Haven’t felt like doing anything the past few days…..just feel lethargic and bored with everything. Perhaps it is the weather. People seem to blame the weather for everything, so why not I do the same Thought I’ll use this feeling to keep this thing updated. Smart huh?

Had to make an appearance at a function after work and there were drinks and finger food. I had a glass of champagne and something to eat. I didn’t go for the second drink because I overheard a guest tell the person pouring her drink “just one small glass, thanks, the police are out with their breathalysers” I thought “today? It is not Friday” The police sure know how to spoil it for the masses.

I mingled, engaged in small talk, wore a fake smile and nodded and pretended enthusiasm to the person driving me nuts with her tittle tattle and jumped with joy silently when it was presentation time, just so I can sit and the yak will stop…. I yawned the whole way through the presentation…. I don’t know where my manners are! ….Just couldn’t suppress it….. Usually someone I know sitting opposite me will look at me and express amusement when I yawn and that wake me up to get a hold of myself.

Anyway driving homeward I saw the flashing lights of the police car at a distance and went “oops” and the mechanical reaction of slowing down to do a U turn… not because I was over the limit but because of fear associated with doubt.

I moved forward slowly…. unable to decide if I should or shouldn’t make a U-turn…. wondering if it will rouse suspicions if I did… making them come after me with their lights flashing and sirens blaring….. I crawled along….. I was surprised how deserted the road was. Jeez, when will I learn there are at least three other routes I can take to go home? Obviously majority of drivers were smarter and took alternative routes. Everyone gets the whiff of the police if they are out and about except me. I wouldn’t be in this agony had I bothered to ask for the whereabouts of the police from the guest.

Anyway, while moving slowly past the police van ( it turned out to be a huge van, not a car) and about five cars flagged down along the road, I realised the cops had their hands full to stop another car.

I counted my blessings and forged with glee.

……And that ends my blog entry for the day : )


7 comments so far

  1. The Jester on

    Yes. A fitting use of time better spent, say, Reading a book, or better, Writing one!

    yawning can usually be warded off by talking to the person next to you, or shaking your head vigorously. We learned that in physics. We were sleepy.

  2. Darwin on

    I’ve come to learn that actually falling asleep creates less noise/distraction than yawning and fidgeting in an attempt to stay awake. Needless to say I slept through most of my lectures in Uni.

  3. Indyana on

    Enjoyed reading this post!Hehe!

  4. Lady divine on

    Nice..and there are times I’ve been through situations that can relate to this..:-)

  5. the wanderer on

    ah, i went through that letargy myself. skipped work for an entire week and slept =) only made it worse, sadly.

  6. pissu perera on

    erm..that earlier comment was by me. i have no idea where that other name came from :-s

  7. mia on

    Talking to the person next to me during a presentation sure will make a few eyes rolling….. for the rattle we’ll make.
    Shaking the head vigorously will definitely put me in the loony bin : )

    Falling asleep in vast lecture halls easy but when chairs are close together and your head slowly rests on the shoulder of the person next to you, it is going to be hilarious : )

    Thanks. How’s the fast going?

    Most functions are tad boring isn’t it? Everybody asks the same questions.

    The wanderer AKA PP,
    I still am lethargic but making a conscious effort to get on with things : )

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