Easy Peasy

I just came home from making the quickest $80 ever. Perhaps the rate was an atom closer to Mr Gates own gearing.

A friend always goes for market research forums in the evenings and he brags about the tax free money he makes in a couple hours. He kept saying I should register and I kept putting off saying I can’t be bothered, eventually he twisted my arm and off I went for my first market research discussion group.

The forum was at 6pm and I arrived at the venue quarter to…. thought I’ll wait in the car instead of going in too early. Went inside five to and the lady in charge of the discussion group greeted me at the door with “we always invite eight people, though we need six, thinking two won’t turn up, and you are the seventh one” You could say I was a bit mystified and unable to comprehend what she meant, so just gave a quizzical stare. Holding out a envelope, she said “but we will pay you for your trouble” but when I tried to take the envelope – you know the automatic reaction of your hand reaching out to grab something proffered to you – she pulled it back before I could grab it and started walking down the steps mumbling something… so I followed her still mystified…… I followed her without fully comprehending what on earth was happening.

At the reception she asked me to sign a piece of paper which had my name on it and handed me the envelope….. and explained, when questioned, that they only need six people on the panel and I was the seventh one and I would be paid regardless for the trouble of coming. I thanked and went on my way thinking there must be about $20 or so for my trouble.

Back in the car, I opened the envelope to find the full amount promised for the two hour session.

I lost some money last week so this will fill the gap : )

How easy was that? I still can’t believe it! Basically, I walked in and walked out $80 richer!

Now all I want is to find such discussion groups for each day of the week and earn tax free money. And they even provide dinner!!!

How good would that be?


6 comments so far

  1. Azrael on

    Oh how lucky you are… 😦

  2. R on

    It’ll take an eternity for SL to get there.

    You won’t believe it, but here when paying income tax, we have to fill in a form to pay tax to the government. Not only that, if we loose the form by any circumstance, the tax office says it can’t issue another form.

  3. enTRpy on

    Wow! That’s awesome! And free dinner too? I need to find something like that in my neck of the woods.

  4. The jester on

    !!! Ye gods! Why don’t i ever get a chance like that? I have plenty of free time on my hands… Maybe over the net… Or, …. *ponders over price of air ticket to eenglaand…*

  5. Indyana on

    Oh wowww!!! oh ho ho ho woww!:)

  6. mia on

    Azrael and Indyana,
    Oh dear, what have I done? 🙂 Should I apologize?

    Oh I do believe you. You don’t have to convince me about SL and bureaucrats, I’ll believe you even without questioning.
    I can write post after post about SL and customer relations or lack there of.

    If not for my friend I wouldn’t have even known these forums existed. There is nothing he doesn’t get a whiff of.

    You can do market research on the net but you don’t get paid for them.(at least the ones I know) They work on a point basis. You’ll be awarded certain points for completing a survey, and then your points will go on a monthly draw to win $5000 or whatever, depends what individual companies are offering. Winning is as far fetched as it sounds imo.
    There are other ways you can earn pocket money using the net. Lots of countries are outsourcing work. Some examples —for Graphic artists, PPT presentations for companies, engineering/architectural drawing using CAD and many more. Hope that helps : )

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