Mysterious Happenings of the Past Two Weeks


1) First, I can’t account for money that was in my purse. Not much but that is beside the point. Went to coffee with a friend and we ordered our regular mochas and she said “I’ll get it” and I said “no, I’ll get it” and opened the purse and not a thing in there. I looked baffled and said “ok you get it” : ) It sure was baffling. Anyway no point in breaking sleep over it as I will never know what happened.

2) I bought a new phone for my son few months back and last Tuesday he came home without it. “I can’t find my mobile” And now that is lost!

3) On Sunday I wondered where son’s school sports uniform was while doing the ironing. I couldn’t find it anywhere in the house so asked him to check his locker on Mon to see if he accidently left it at school. To explain to anyone who is wondering by now how that could be possible without him coming home in his underpants—- it is compulsory to wear the sports uniform all day on Wednesday –the sports day- However, once or twice a week, depending on the schedule, he has PE for one period when he is required to wear the sports uniform for that period only (together with sports shoes and socks) and change back to normal school uniform, shoes and socks. On such days he carries the lot (sports uniform, shoes, and socks) in a bag. If it sound like a ridiculous rule, believe you me it is. Parents have complained to no avail. Anyway on Monday he came home and said the uniform is neither in the locker nor in the dressing room.

4) Daughter had gone to withdraw money from the ATM and when she put her card in, her card was gobbled then pushed out with the machine asking “would you like another transaction” she pressed ‘yes’ and followed the prompts to indicate $60. Out came $60 with another card! Now, this is what I believe – daughter didn’t fully concentrate to realise “this is odd I hadn’t put the pin yet” but then again if it had not happened to you before, you only realise on hindsight.  

My understanding is, Somebody before her checked their balance and left without taking the card and what the ATM did was accept daughter’s card then pushed it out and give money from someone else’s account.

Anyway it was after hours so she had no way of going into the bank to notify and in her panic driven state had given the card and money to a security guard, without even getting his name!

Have I never taught her anything? What about the police? Later at home I made her phone the bank 24hour helpline and report the incident just in case the security guard was developing unethical thoughts. Obviously they asked her for the security guards name but she was only able to provide the card holders name because she had a look at it.



All I know is I need two jobs!


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  1. Lady divine on

    Referring to your daughter’s incident, she probably got excited… ideal thing would’ve been to bring the card and money home and return to the bank the next day.. but then, when you get excited, you don’t tend to think right…:-) can’t blame her…

    It’s sort of like these little hit and run accidents sometimes… when people knock on you and just get away and you forget to look at their number plates…:-) hehee

  2. Azrael on

    1) Check for a money gobbling Troll inside you purse. They do exists you know…

    2) Don’t get him another phone, or if you do, attach it permanently to him by the use of either duct tape or a steel chain.

    3) He seems to loose things a lot. Modify on option 2 above and apply to other items

    4) Totally blame the person who owns the card. It’s coz they spaced out that all this happened.

    …Well hope that helps 😀

  3. enTRpy on

    With regards to #1: Did you check your “secret stash compartment”? 🙂

  4. santhoshi on

    Can relate to the purse being empty cause I have the same problem with no accountability. In my house its the pencils and books which seem to get lost all the time. ATM business i got a bit worried reading that. I guess we should be alert when withdrawing money.

  5. Angel Eyes on

    Geee a series of mysterious happenings which is enough to send your head twirling in a hundred directions and think why meeeeeee…… Guess that’s all part of life.

    Event (4.) is scary. I don’t even check the my ATM card after I get it back from the ATM machine I just count the money and go coz once I didn’t get the amount I asked for even though the receipt said otherwise. I got a few thousands short from the SCB ATM. Thank God it was a Saturday and we were able to follow up on the matter ASAP. I guess machines play up on and off.

  6. Times Eye on

    Keep an eye on your son He’s up to something

  7. pissu perera on

    kind of similar, (but not exactly) to #1, i never know where my money went at the end of the month. i just sit with a bunch of receipts and try to remember what i spent it on=D maybe that’s what happened to you? i hope not

  8. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    #1 happens al the time.. usually the mornin after a good nigh of partyin!! wonderin were ma bills went?!?!?!

    #2 U cant just lose fone can ya?!?!?!

    #3 Had the same rule when i was schoolin, was such a p*ss off..

    #4 (evil grin)

  9. The Jester on

    @T Eye
    If he gets pocket money, It’s quite unlikely… Unless he’s got a super spending girl friend.

    Lost phone eh? Called it? And yeah, as entRPY said, check the compartment.

  10. mia on

    You are right….. that is exactly what the bank suggested too, should have brought the card and money home and taken it to the bank the following day. I don’t know if I would be comfortable doing that you know, bringing someone else’s money and card home. I’d rather take them to the police.

    Azrael : )
    1)Checked. None that is visible to the naked eye

    2)I am seriously thinking of this ie: attached it to him

    4)We are all absent minded at some point or the other. cardholder is lucky this time

    That sure did help 🙂

    Secret compartment is no longer there. It is now sewn in place : ) Besides that, this was notes not coins

    Hi santhoshi,
    Inability to account is worse than figuring out later that you actually spent it, imo

    Angel eyes,
    ATM gave you a wrong amount? wow
    I hope the bank was understanding and courteous

    Times Eye,
    Hmm…… like what?

    Yes, that happens to me sometimes and when I sit down and go over things and remember where I spent it, I somehow feel justified but when you can’t do that, it is not a pleasant feeling. This time however I know I didn’t spend it, because, I distinctly remember paying for something and putting the change (notes and a few coins) back in the purse (the day before) and didn’t buy anything until the next day and trying to pay for the coffee.

    1 Look at the answer above : )
    2 yes you can and it is lost.
    4 you naughty boy :-O

    Yep, called it many times to see if it is in the house and the call went straight to voicemail as it was on silent. Called the carrier to see what can be done, nothing apparently, except block outgoing calls (done) and lock the handset (Not done as the owner (son) has to call and do that)

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