What is it?

A feeling, hunch, nagging sensation, sixth sense, instinct, gut feeling, whatever you call it………..

What are the reasons for instincts?

Do you take your instincts seriously and act on them? If so how intuitive are you?

Sometimes mine have come true and sometimes it’s more to do with wanting something to happen than a real feeling.


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  1. Santhoshi on

    I take my intuitions very seriously and most of the time it has come true. Usually its about bad things to happen 😦 so i sometime try to make the gut feelings more positive. its wierd. Its not been only for myself for others as well ( need to get that crystal ball soon and charge by the hour 🙂 )

  2. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    ~ If you have been losing confidence in your intuitive powers, don’t! They’re there. ~ Now thts wht my stupid horoscope for the days says, explain tht to me 🙂 hehe

    i think it has somethin to do with ur deeper connections to life, how ur anxiety moulds itself over time to intuition..

    Santhoshi: have u decided about the charges yet?!?!

  3. lady divine on

    sometimes i do… sometimes i dont.. it depends..
    But sometimes I wait to see whether it would happen or not…. and then act on them..

  4. The Jester on

    I don’t know… I don’t have ANY intuition I guess. Not any that I notice, anyway…;)

  5. mia on

    Except for Santhoshi no one else takes much notice of intuitiveness. Hmmm. Interesting

    LS, it means that if you are losing confidence in your intuitive powers, don’t, they are still there.
    Did you get it now? 🙂

    Jester,I would’ve been surprised had you talked about intuition 🙂

    All I can say is I have been more intuitive in the past.

  6. mia on

    BTW santhoshi, do you know that people can’t comment in your blog if they don’t have a google account?
    I tried to comment on the email vs hand written letter post, but couldn’t because of the above.

  7. The Jester on

    Would have been surprised? Why so? For example, i intuit that there is a bit of chocolate cream in the fridge waiting to be eaten by me! ….*goes to fridge*….. And it’s true!

  8. Agni on

    Well, i guess intuition is some form of an intelligent guess (which is generally correct) which works on a subconscious level and therefore, something which we cannot explain.

  9. mia on

    Of course Jester, I should’ve known! at your age you are intuitive about food and girls. How did I miss that? : )

    Ummm i don’t think intuition is an intelligent guess at all. It is more your higher consciouness telling you of events yet to occur that you have not even thought of.

  10. Pink Mist on

    I’ve noticed lately a scarily spot on intuition when it comes to people – a gut feeling upon meeting them or hearing of a couple, the weirdest things have come true. It really does feel like a higher power at work.. eeek 😀

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