Another year over……



…….and it was my son’s end of the year liturgy yesterday evening….. to get going I reversed the car out of the garage and as I turned to drive away, I remembered something I forgot so instead of driving back up I stopped the car on the street and ran up the driveway, slipping and breaking the strap of one shoe in the process. 😦 It took me more than fifteen minutes to decide which shoes to wear with the pants I was wearing and ended up having to change into another pair in a dash.

As we entered the school hall we were met with a relaxed and happy atmosphere. It was up tempo and not the usual orderly school events with drag music. The Christmas music playing was not the mind numbingly boring tunes. You know the feeling of the same old crooning of Christmas carols done to death year in year out. Rather it was happy and up beat and played by a live band – the school band- and the arrangements were fantastic. Give the boys a drum kit and a stick and creative freedom; they’ll make anything up beat. Let the teachers do the same and they’ll make it overly holy or Christmassy.

Note to self – Remember not to wear shaped tops that are not the right length with hipster pants, especially if the hall has folding chairs with just a short rest for the upper back and open back from that point to the seat, exposing any exposed parts to the people behind. As soon as I sat down and felt the pants pulling down I thought ‘uh oh’ and started pulling up the pants and pulling down the top, adjusting the top endlessly. When I realised the top is not pulling up by much, thus no exposed parts I stopped fidgeting with my top. Phew no peek a boo.

The evening turned out to be a drag. Well what else did I expect? There were countless speeches in honour of the principal and the teachers leaving the school and moving onto new things next year. I may have passed out because I don’t remember the contents of the speeches. After watching yet another PPT presentation of students farewelling and thanking the principal for all the good things he had done for the school – I thought ‘yeah right, he promised a complex with an estimated cost of few million $$ and blew the budget by many more million $$. Anyway after that presentation I thought that was it and now we can go to the respective areas to receive the reports. Oh no, not just yet, the vice principal got up to say “now I shall read a message from Brother X” (the principal, who was unable to attend as he was recuperating) and half of the audience went “ahhh” in pain and other half erupted into soft laughter.

Finally that part of the evening over we made our way to the classrooms and the first thing my son’s teacher said was “Thank you all for coming, I shall hand out the reports after we get over the four speeches I have planned”

At least he had a sense of humour.


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  1. Jack Point on

    Your spell checker has been playing up, I’m sure you meant to say Principal, throughout.

  2. The Jester on

    Maybe she uses IE 6.o to type up the posts….?

    Anyway, You live in the US right? The way you describe it, that school sounds a lot like one of the private catholic school over here?

  3. Lady Divine on

    I miss those days.. even after i finished school, I still used to go for all my bro’s school events.. and now he’s out too…

    Oh and relating to how your shoe strap broke, something always has to happen at the wrong time!

    Like, on Friday eve, I went for a homecoming with office friends and it was about an hour and a half’s drive away from Colombo..towards the middle of the night, one of the straps in my left shoe just broke!! i was in saree and in thin high heels.. and thankfully, there were 2 more straps so eventhough one broke, I still managed to walk around as if nothing really happened coz there was enough support from the other straps..
    I just hate it when these things happen!

  4. mia on

    What are you saying? I don’t understand! Heh heh
    🙂 How are you keeping Jack? you have been quiet for awhile.

    spot on about the school but wrong about the country.:P I live in the southern hemisphere

    My shoe too had three thin straps and one broke but it was not easy to walk with the other two, they didn’t hold the foot in v.well while walking. Anyway I was still at home so could change, you were already there so no choice but to carry on. : ) I think it could be a problem with SL shoes. I bought that pair from SL

  5. Jack Point on


    the headmaster of a school is sometimes known as the Principal. Principle on the other hand is a rule or underlying assumption. see:

  6. mia on

    Jack, I edited my post. check it.
    I was having fun when I asked “what are you saying? I don’t understand” 🙂

  7. The Jester on

    WHAT? Then what was all that talk of states when you had to take your daughter to the MCR concert?

    …Or are you talking in terms of the Confederates and the Union? 😉

  8. mia on

    Oh Jester, you make me spell it out to a smart boy like you. 😛

  9. Jack Point on

    sorry, jokes on me.

    Did’nt re-read the post, just read the comments and then took them at face value.

    Forgot I was dealing with the fairer sex…..:)

  10. mia on

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh is this some sort of past (or present)disillusionment talking, Jack?

  11. The Jester on

    Gaaahhhh!! Obviously no? …. 😉

  12. Jack Point on

    very much so 🙂

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