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  1. Indyana on

    Hi Mia How are you doing? I see a butterfly opening it’s wings here…aw! Cmon you brave girl ! post a full pic will ya??? And also …. Seasons greetings!

  2. Indyana on

    Did I leave a comment earlier?

  3. The Jester on



    Ahhh…. Starting o your way to online celebritydom are you? Well, you need better pics than that to make it to the top! 😉

  4. mia on

    I am not there yet Indyana and Jester. One small step at a time. I smudged the second photo as much as I can and asked my son several times “do you think I am recognizable?” and he kept saying “no mum” But still I am not sure. When I look at the second pic I see myself and someone knowing me very well will have no trouble recognising, so I deleted it. He he
    I left the first pic,I don’t think even my mother will recognise me in that photo

    Seasons greetings to you too Indyana. I am keeping well. Back to part-time work so finding it hard to fill the time.may be that is why I surprised even myself by putting up photos.
    How about you? what are you up to these days? Glad to see you around though.

  5. Darwin on

    Ooh posting photos, that’s a brave brave step 🙂

  6. mia on

    Yes, brave that is me (not):)

    I am worried now, I don’t know if I should delete this pic as well.hmm….

  7. John on

    I can’t make head or tails out of this pic! Is that your right arm or left arm? :S

    Don’t worry about so much about this picture. I for one am not a stalker, even if I were, at the current exchange rate, I’d have to hold about 3 jobs and work without sleep to get the dough to get to the U.S. Nevermind the stalking…..

  8. mia on

    Lol John, That is my right arm. Left is not visible except for the sleeve and the small opening in the sleeve.
    I am not in the US either John. : )

  9. John on

    OZ! THE KOOKABURRA! Now it all makes sense 😀

  10. pissu perera on

    you look pretty much like i thought you would 😀 don’t worry, i can’t see your face. i’m just going the build. i saw the other pic before you took it off but couldnt comment.

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