Bored Out Of My Skull

I was so used to my routine of, work half the week and do coffee the rest. Then I worked full time for two months straight… though it put my old routine out of whack I got used to the new one and the blissful feeling that comes with extra funds hence didn’t mind the fact I did two full time jobs. You know the second job is the unpaid, thankless one at home.

Now the full time assignment over I am back to square one. I am pulling my hair with frustration. I could study something or better still, hope the person whose shoes I filled goes away permanently. Actually that is an ingenious idea come to think of it. Let’s see if I can apply the ‘secret’ theory and own the job and see if the wish is realised. Now, if my mother saw this she will be traumatized thinking how she could have brought up a fiend with wicked and sinful thoughts. Mother, if you are reading this (which I am positive you are not) please know I learned all bad things from others. You did a great job with me.You have to leave your humanity behind as you walk through your workplace doors. I know mother simply wouldn’t comprehend, still. She never worked outside the house and my father was his own boss in his own place so she didn’t hear work ‘ethics’ from him either. If I carry my usual benevolent self to work I’d be mush now, I’d be chewed alive. You either shed it at home while getting dressed for work or at the work door.    

Now, before a Miss/Mr. Goody Goody comes to lock horns with me, let me clarify something, this is not a coherent post. It is not been written at the most lucid times. It is just the drivel of a mind insanely bored owing to lack of work. Well there is always work if I care to see or look, I could dust, clean, sweep the outside… I could do all those monotonous things that leave a ringing vacuum in the brain then think about dinner too…..well, dinner part is taken care of…we are having hokkien noodles-easy to cook, children love it, wins all around for that one………

Enough with the drivel, I’ll go read the book loaned by a friend. I think it is something to do with uplifting the spirit or some such rubbish.   


4 comments so far

  1. Azrael on

    You have to leave your humanity behind as you walk through your workplace doors – very true

  2. Indyana on

    Oh dear…my blog was a result of an insanely bored mind ,and also a mind going plainly insane.Why not look for another full time….I know it’s not as easy as that, but maybe you should give it a shot?

  3. mia on

    Azrael, I am glad you agree and not locking horns with me 🙂

    I am looking but not easy. It is the same for all mothers who gave up a job to rear a family.

  4. Jasper on

    Well, I am wondering if the secret has worked? I
    am trying that too. Hope to hear that fantastic
    things have happened to you since December. What a difference one year can make! Best of all the
    universe to you! Jasper

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