I am Kissed and Hugged Out

I am on holidays for two weeks starting today. We closed early and I am kissed and hugged out. I kissed so many and hugged so many, thank goodness not a single one on the lips this season. Hang on a minute; I did kiss some on the lips at the Christmas party couple of weeks ago. Now, don’t get excited, they were platonic smacks on the lips.

Then I walked around town swarming with shoppers and bumped into so many people, some that I haven’t seen in years and kissed and hugged them as well, wished them well for the New Year. Walked past a boutique with 50% off signs all over the floor and just couldn’t resist going in to check it out and walked out with a good haul of summer tops. I got side tracked here as well as in town.

Back to kissing -Most people here kiss on the lips (friends or people you know well) instead on the cheek, as we do in SL. It took me a decade and a half to get used to the idea of a peck on the lips (not smooching). I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I don’t have any qualms about it now except at a big party. Let’s say someone had a B’day party for fifty people and if I am the last one to kiss the B’day girl/boy/man/woman I’d have kissed fifty one people. That is not a pleasant thought.

When I first migrated I always turned my face away not knowing the customs. Though I later learnt the custom I still turned my face away. I know some people were annoyed. Hell, I didn’t care, I just couldn’t do it. I once had a boss who always gave a kiss on the lips to every female after a party except me as I always turned my face away for a peck on the cheek. He he

What the heck, a few more hugs and kisses won’t wear me out so a hug and a kiss to each and every one of you. Have a well deserved break everyone.

Stay safe and happy!


10 comments so far

  1. Darwin on

    One word. Herpes.

    I personally think the Sri Lankan ‘Ayubowan’ is the best way to greet someone as it involves absolutely no contact 😀

  2. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on


    i think tht shud do it…

    Happy holidays MIA

  3. John on

    CULTURE SHOCK!! I suppose you have to get used to more than just the new faces when you shift geography.

  4. Indyana on

    Hug right back to you…and a kiss , strictly on the air around the cheek area….haha…Wish you a great break!

  5. The Jester on

    Must be fun watching the men kiss each other on the lips then? 😉

  6. mia on

    No no no…mucho men don’t do that. I should’ve explained it a bit more. Men and women, women and women do it.
    I still don’t know if it’s a special occasion custom though. I wonder if the younger people are carrying it out. Have to ask the daughter.
    I never paid that much attention to it except how to avoid the darn thing.
    : )

  7. The jester on

    ‘The young generation’ will go crazy over this … If they already did it, they wouldn’t all be rushing under the mistletoe for some bonding would they? I can imagine all those twelve year olds lining up to spread the christmas spirit… Anyway, Happy Hogswatch!

  8. pissu perera on

    hug right back at ya…:D i think i’ll stop there

  9. Azrael on

    Hey MIA, wishing you a happy and prosperous new year, where all your dreams and wishes come true


  10. mia on

    Thanks PP and Azrael : ) I have many dreams for this year, hope they all will materialise

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