The Season After

Season to be jolly and keeping up with the Joneses (buying frenzy of latest and expensive toys, to outshine the other) are over for another year and people are faced with lack of motivation to get on with life as is. This year too will go as fast as the one before but get going initially is always a slog.

Creditors on the other hand will be pumping with glee… January sees the customary sky rocketed credit card debt, people struggling to pay bills, financial counsellors inundated with clients, partners squabbling about overspending during the holiday season, marriage break ups etcetera…………


Yet we will do them all over again at the end of this year!

2008 —let’s make the most of it!


PS: Does that sound cynical? Didn’t mean to : )



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  1. Lady Divine on

    Hey Mia!

    Talking about credit card bills – I think i’m in a lot of trouble this time… coz i was adding up all my bills a few days back, and my head started to spin! 😦

    Anywayz, hope this would be a fabulous new year for you and your family!! 🙂 Love & hugzz

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  3. Azrael on

    Hey Mia

    Wish you a great 2008


  4. The Jester on

    Merry New Year!
    Hope you didn’t forget to buy the Orange Box( A necessity for every family)… Dunno what I’m talking about? Google it! 😉

    Anyway, about creditors… I’m one of ’em, but I don’t see any of my hard earned funds returning to my hands…

  5. mia on

    Ohh….It is very easy to get carried away with credit on tap. Hope you’ll be able to pay it off before your next splash and pay astronomical interest on accrued amounts.

    Thanks for the good wishes, wish you the same : )

    Thanks, wish you the same : )

    Did you raid your parents’ liquor cabinet before you commented? You sound tipsy. : -o

    About the Orange Box -It takes effort to Google 🙂 so I asked the son………..I am definitely not getting it. : )

    Wish you a happy new year too

  6. John on

    Happy New Year! New year started with a bang here.

    P.S. – We already got our Orange Box 😀 And I’m lovin it.

  7. mia on

    Wish you the same. I know, I read about the bang and the other bang yesterday. What a mess ;(

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