Thoughtful Gifts……..

…… may not necessarily fall into the category of anticipated or appreciated ones.  My daughter’s B’day is coming up and I am in two minds with the present I should give her.  I have always given her what she wanted and mostly it is jewellery that she wants but this time I am determined to give her what I want and be unpopular in the process.

I am thinking of giving the lazy daughter of mine a six month membership to a fitness centre with a personal trainer. Oh she is going to fume and I am going to enjoy it. It is much more costly than a piece of jewellery but if that is the only way I can get her to do some physical activity then so be it. Then again I might have to physically drag her or she might let the membership go to waste.

Or I can find a place where they would understand she needs motivation and convincing and are willing to phone and egg her on to go or better still come and pick her up. Yes, I think the latter is a better option.

I have motivated her with all I have to do sit-ups and she does them because she feels compelled to do them, and if I have a peek when she is supposed to be exercising I see her just lying on the mat. But I walk away without saying anything, it is better for the emotional wellbeing of both of us.

I only want to set the wheels in motion in the hope six months of ‘real’ physical exercise will become habitual and she will feel the need to get up and go after the membership runs out. One can only hope.

It is either that or nothing…….. So take your pick daughter. 


I can already imagine the conversations that will ensue with such a present

“You have to go to the fitness centre”    

“I am not going, too tired”

“Every session missed is a waste of money”

“You go then”

“I got it for you”

“Why,…..did I ask for it?”  

“At least try to appreciate the thought”

Oh yeah it is going to be fun but my mind is set on it, I can’t think of an alternative


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  1. Walk Exercise on

    […] Thoughtful Gifts…….. […]

  2. John on

    Well if you want to go the no holds barred way you could install a swimming pool at the back of your house. Swimming would be good exercise for the daughter 😀

    Sorry, no other suggestions will be forthcoming from me. I’m a terrible gift giver.

  3. The jester on

    Jewellery? *shakes head in wonder* Try getting her something she’ll have to work to get into, then gently suggest you have a membership lying about… 😉

  4. horus on

    Today is the first time i came across your blog and find your humor a refreshing change from the usual posts that appear on kottu these days. Great stuff.

  5. ~ lo$t $oul ~ on

    oh ur goin to have a time… 😉 wud seriously love to read about the real conversation.. hehehe

  6. Talula on

    see if they a “guest” program or “buddy” program where one of her BFF’s could do it with her — and talk up the “buff” guys angle, the friend will do the instigating and “pushing” to get her to go!

    hey I had 4 teens in the house at once – yes I used said plans on my teens and it worked.

  7. Lady Divine on

    C’mon ma, it’s her b’day!!! Give her something she’ll like..:-)

    That also kinda sounds like what I would’ve said if my mum had given me something I didn’t like and tried to move me around to make use of it..:-)

    Dramas in life are kinda fun now, aren’t they??? 😉

  8. lady divine on

    Mia – I perfectly know what you mean..:-) and that’s exactly what I have in my mind too.. you merely typed it out..:-) But there’s more to it though which I don’t want to write out on the blog.. Can I mail you? you’ve got my e-mail addy.. could u send me a mail?

  9. mia on

    Ist comment,
    I don’t know how these things get attached 🙂

    That is not a bad idea but it is a big job : )

    You sure can come up with smart ideas

    Thank you for the kind comment.
    I had a look at your blog. So you are in a beautiful part of the world. I am in the mainland

    You are right. I will have a time. I can (already) hear everything she will say : )

    That is a great idea. Will definitely ask about that. The thing is all her good friends have moved out of the area except a couple and I haven’t met her new friends. I have to see what I can do.

    I was chuckling to myself just thinking about my idea but it vanished with your comment. I started thinking “ohh should I or shouldn’t I, Am I an ogre if I do it”….. You know I could give her that and then give her something she really likes. Maybe take her to her favourite restaurant or make one of her fav desserts which is wattalappam or Pavlova.
    PS check your email I just sent you one : )

  10. The Jester on

    On second thoughts, if it’s an important one, like say 16, 18 or 21, get her something meaningful that she’ll like. Not something she’s going to whine about for the rest of eternity…

    “Yeah my mom is the worst! You know what she got me for my 21st birthday?…”

  11. mia on

    No it is not the 16,18 or 21
    So I think I can get away with doing something like that : )

  12. The jester on

    Evil, thy name is mia! 😉 heh heh, should be interesting…

  13. mia on

    he he I know 🙂

  14. pissu perera on

    he he.. i think it sounds good. i wish my mum thought of a membership to a gym for me. it’s time we both went and this way she’d be paying for it 😀 good luck with whatever you decide

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