Simple Things in Life

Two days at a friend’s beachside pad……. relaxing, healing and therapeutic….. sunset and sunrise walks along the beach ……….

Tranquil nights ….. sound of the ocean in the distant…. open bottle of chardonnay…. pleasant conversation on philosophy, life and everything else………

Dinner bubbling away on the stove…. ultimately ruined… who cares….. ciabata bread with pesto and fetta cheese was a combination made in heaven, roasted cashew and parmesan spread a close second …… simply divine.

……back to nitty gritty and reality….


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  1. Lady divine on

    wow! I’d kill for something like that now!

  2. Lady divine on

    wow!!! I’d kill for that right now!! 🙂

  3. The jester on

    Oohh…. Nice start to the new year! Thogh personally, i’d prefer the beach, a sport, a great lunch and then a good movie followed by a game to let loose the feelings from the movie…. 😉 strange mix?

  4. mia on

    Yeah I know, it was really good.I needed that

    “Strange mix?” At your age…..not at all . I would have been surprised had you said otherwise : )

  5. chaarmax on

    How much to switch places? 🙂

  6. mia on


    Unfortunately, I don’t own the beach house to make a deal with you. I wish I did though, even a shack in that area cost close to half a mil $$ and keep rising : )

  7. Angel on

    Wow… sounds like you had a blast…. ummm…. feta cheese…. don’t torture me… it’s next to impossible to find in good old SL!

  8. ciabata on

    […] ??.. sound of the ocean in the distant??. open bottle of chardonnay??. pleasant conversation on – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaCiabatta (literally, carpet slipper because of its […]

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