Battle of the Generations

The battling season is in full swing. Someone is at the computer all day and when I ask him to get up before he ends up with square eyes he will appear at the fridge door and holidays will be spent alternating between the two.

“Mum, do you know why malli runs to open the door for you when you come home? Because he is running away from the computer”

“Yes, I know that”



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  1. John on

    hmmm, I know how he feels. I used to run to open the gate when my dad comes home too. Finally took to using the computer after my parents went to sleep 😀
    Getting a job solves all sorts of problems. Now I’m paid to use the computer 😀

  2. The Jester on

    Well, you COULD just say, swap the videocard for a crappy one. Then he won’t be able to play any games on it. That is, unless he does other things with it…

  3. John on

    But then she’d have to lose her soul as well.

    Computers never hurt anybody. Look at me. Apart from the fact that I need a keyboard in front of me to converse with people I turned out ok.

  4. mia on

    He is not waiting for me to go to bed. He just sits at the comp all day. Unfortunately with broadband (or fortunately), it is right there on tap for him to use it.
    “ Apart from the fact that I need a keyboard in front of me to converse with people I turned out ok.”
    Now I am worried 😛

    He plays games and then chat with Lord knows who. He should break something and make something instead you know 🙂

  5. Lady divine on

    heh.. i know what that feels like.. during times I had endless assignments in Uni, mym mum would literally drag me out of my chair and make me eat stuff coz I would lose track of time…
    Oh, those were the days….:-)

  6. The Jester on

    Yeah… I suppose it won’t do any harm…

    But it was for a good cause right? You weren’t slaying dragons or beheading zombies with sawblades.. 😉

  7. Lady divine on

    heh… nah, I wasn’t… but in my mind, I may’ve..;)

  8. Darwin on

    Limiting time on a compie only made me want it more. Same applies for limiting time for gaming. Even now I avoid gaming because I know if I get into it, I’d probably do nothing else. The only way out is to overdo it to the point where you get sick of it.

    So I foresee many long months of battle ahead of you. Goodluck!

  9. Damith on

    If he is gaming then this is a lost cause till he gets sick of the game. When I was in Uni Id play from about 8 am to 6 pm straight no food, just toilet breaks etc. Then you get to a point where your walking about like a zombie trying to figure out how to get to the next level. Then you realise you need to stop. For a few hours that is.

    If need me just break the game CD in two and blame it on someone else if he accuses you. or hide it LOL

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