Emotional writing is utterly exhausting. It wore me off and I am spent. One thing is for sure now. I can never put up my photo after that. Anonymity it is then.

I have no idea why I punish myself like that. I should have more self restraint and identify trigger factors that set me off. Pandora’s Box should be shut for sanity.

I have no regret in writing what I did. But I can’t/don’t want to deal with the emotional price I have to pay afterwards for bringing unwanted memories to the fore. I can do without them. 

Need laughter and happiness in life.


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  1. Darwin on

    Yeah it’s hard to do the whole emotional thing, but I’m sure you do feel better for getting it all off your chest perhaps?

  2. John on

    “Need laughter and happiness in life.”

    Truer words were never spoken.

  3. Indyana on

    Take it easy….your kids need you all in one peice, and you need yourself too…I always force myself to have fun, and be a lil self indulgent when I feel all spent…give yourself a treat!

  4. Nishadha on

    well no better place than the internet to spill your emotions since nobody knows you , don’t you just love the internet. I never personally experienced it but everybody says its always better to spill it out than to keep it tight in your heart , doesn’t seem like it in your case , sorry to hear about it.

  5. Damith on

    Yea let it all out, always helps, I definitely need some laughter too.. hmmmm

  6. mia on

    I am touched by the kindness everyone, I really am. Thank you.

    You would think so wouldn’t you? But it is not the case. Hard to explain so I’ll try the best I can………when the pain is deep and of long duration, off loading doesn’t seem to provide any relief, the burden somehow feels the same. But on a happier note, present times are good. Past will always be there but as they say present is all that matters and that is how I try to see.

    I have done a few laughter workshops; let me tell you they are the best. You feel the purifying effect of it for the rest of the day and sometimes for a few days after. You walk with a smile and you can’t get mad with anyone even if you try. Reminds me I should do another one soon.

    I am fine today. Went out with a friend and she is a real articulate nut case. she always has a story to relay of her latest adventure. She should have been an actress, for the words she uses together with the gesticulation and facial expressions she is a hoot to watch. So feel really good today. Thanks for caring.

    As I told Darwin I think in my case it may be because the pain is deep rooted. I survive by not dwelling in the past. That is all I can do.

    People don’t say laughter is the best medicine for nothing : )

  7. The jester on

    Laughter workshop? Interesting… I thought you already posted a pic? Anyway, I for one just take unpleasant memories and, as Mike Gayle said, “lock them up in a box labelled ‘Never open’, even if they rattle about”.

  8. mia on

    C’mon Jester, what unpleasant memories could you possibly have at 18?

  9. The Jester on

    Well, why not? 😉

  10. mia on

    You got me there, Jester 😛

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