Reason for the Great Wall of China

Child asks the father “Dad, why did they build the Great Wall of China?”

“..(silence)……….That was …….that was……er…..during the emperor Nasi Goren……(pause)…… keep the rabbits out…………..too many rabbits……… China”

Child looks in wonder

Later the child stands in front of the class to give his speech

Teacher announces “Now Daniel will give his talk on China”


Above is an advertisement for Broadband. It has been airing for awhile but is hilarious to watch every time.


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  1. The Jester on

    OH MY GOD!!!

    SLT uses the same bloody lines! They just use “CHLD : Thaththa, what does [word] mean?”

    *shakes head*

    No originality at all… Even various other commercials are outright copies of interesting ones.

  2. Lady Divine on

    hmm… something many people are clever at…COPYING IN STYLE…;-) hehee

  3. mia on

    hmm…..never thought of that. Let’s see if I can post some more interesting ads.
    Really interesting ones that you can laugh every single time and not tire easily are few and far between.Some, though interesting to watch are more visual and explaining won’t make the reader appreciate the ad

  4. Damith on

    They have this show on Discovery called Ad sense I think. It shows the most popular/odd ads and experts discuss why they are popular and what attracts people to them etc. Might wanna check it out. Ill see if you tubes got any vids on it.


  5. Damith on

    Thats an ad here in Singapore for a Mobile service provider ala Dialogue. They provide Mobile service/internet/cable tv. Always puts a smile on my face 🙂

  6. mia on

    Thanks for the link.

    There was a really beautiful ad for a four wheel drive. It involved two little kids still in their nappies. But they took it off air after some parents protested that it advocates underage driving (which was utter rubbish as a four year old can’t even put the key in the ignition let alone do the whole process of driving) and now only show the last bit.
    It is mainly a visual ad, original one goes something like this— two little kids, a girl and a boy only in their nappies, drive the four wheel drive, smiling and carefree, go to the beach, do some surfing and sit on the bonnet of the car with their hands around each other and watch the sunset.
    The way ad was put together was magical. That was such a popular ad while it lasted.

  7. pissu perera on

    that sounds like something my dad would say. one reason why i never consulted him on my homework 😀

  8. Damith on


    My current Fav-

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