Put My Foot In it


Ever had an experience where you wanted to either run or cover your face in embarrassment? It happened to me today. I really put my foot in it.

I ran in to someone I haven’t seen in ages…. when she lightly touched me on the shoulder from behind, came to face me and said “hello” the first thing I did, after greeting her with “hello” was exclaim with elation “oh you are pregnant!” My eyes diverted straight to her tummy.

She replied casually, “I was thinking that I should lose some weight” Imagine my chagrin!!!

Of course I apologised profusely and repeatedly throughout our chat and though she kept saying “don’t worry about it” it doesn’t take away the fact I broke the golden rule. You don’t ask a woman that question however fat and protruding she may be if she doesn’t mention it.

What was I thinking?

I need to zip it.


11 comments so far

  1. Damith on

    If a guy had said that he probably wouldn’t have lived to blog about it.

  2. Lady Divine on

    oh dear.. I just hate it when such things happen…
    Been there.. done that..and felt like shite!!
    I feel you Mia..

  3. Darwin on

    Haha! That’s hilarious, sorry!

  4. Angel on

    Ouch ouch ouch…. poor you!

  5. Gutterflower on

    This kinda stuff happens to me on a regular basis.. 🙂
    I once asked a relation how her husband was without realizing she was a widow.
    Definitely not the most tactful thing to do.. Thankfully she was quite nice about it though.

  6. The Jester on



    Hasn’t anyone invented any excuses to get out of these situations yet? Like “You looked about 2 weeks into it with that small baby hump” or pretend you didn’t hear and “Ohmygosh I’ve gottarun! Hope the baby turns out nice!”. Okay, that last one woiuld probably make her feel even worse, but…

  7. Lady divine on

    then again, it sure is funny…hehehee

  8. mia on

    Hey people, have some empathy. 😛 It was not a pleasant situation to be in. And Jester she looked more like four five months not two weeks and it was NOT funny. I was too darn embarrassed.
    And Damith you got that spot on, a guy definitely would have been in a lot more trouble.

    Something like this has never happened to me before. I am usually more diplomatic

  9. John on

    ouch. A foot in mouth situation indeed. It happens here as well. Mostly when you have a seat in the bus an a fat/pregnant woman gets on you have to decide in a nanosecond whether she is fat or pregnant. Make the wrong choice and you will find yourself in the following situations,
    1. Confronting a disgruntled fat woman who will nevertheless take your seat.
    2. Look like a complete heel for not giving your seat to a needy pregnant woman.

  10. Indyana on

    No you didn’t……

  11. mia on

    John 🙂

    yes I did 🙂

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