Human Desire

We humans are wilful when longing and though our wisdom foresees complications of our wish, prudence is not our forte. We constantly yearn to attain the object of our desire, if we don’t; we are going to sigh about it for years to come.    

Perhaps we are this way because of our ever optimistic outlook and belief that our next step is going to be better than the last. It is this feeling we have with yet to attain or any unfinished business.  Why do we ache to experience when reality is staring at our face?

Our inner self may be in conflict. We don’t heed others counsel. Come hell or high water, if we want something we must have it.

We may ask why life has to be this complicated. Why can’t we just have what we want and be done with it. On such occasions grass is not just green on the other side, in our eyes it IS always greener on the other side!  

Just a thought.

 It sounds cryptic, I know. Just wanted see how people will perceive and respond.


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  1. Angel on

    I once read that the potato on the other side of the plate is always the biggest… and that little line has stayed with me over the years. I agree though, that discontent of a sort is an useful motivator to achive something better.

  2. Azrael on

    Desire is a very powerful thing. The level of desire in different people varies. People with a high level of it will stop at nothing to get what they want, even resorting to violence and murder. When it’s too low, people just live for the sake of living, just because they were born. They don’t want to achieve anything.

    As for life being complicated? Well I’ve been asking the same question without any answers so far. It’s us that makes it complicated, not anyone else.

  3. indyana on

    Life is in the here and now.And so it will always be, with all it’s sudden twists and turns.The trick is to just live it each moment, as it comes.

  4. John on

    Grass IS always greener on the other side. And hope is by far our best characteristic. Better than everything else IMO

  5. Darwin on

    Perhaps being pessimistic helps because I know that even though the grass looks greener on the other side, it probably has cow piss on it :D.

  6. Lady Divine on

    Hmm… I liked reading that..

    perhaps, one just wishes to be prepared to see things as being greener on the other side? That way, in your mind you feel better…

    It’s arguable both ways.. But at the end of the day, what’s meant to be will always find it’s way..

    But if you wish to change it and have the determination to try.. by all means, one may be able to do wonders…

  7. The jester on

    We all like to live a fantasy. Like john said, hope IS our best trait. We don’t want to see life as it is, we spice it up with hope where there is none, cover up the consequences of our actions and so on. Because we NEED IT. We’re a race of optimists, though some, to a lesser degree. Life just isn’t worth it unless you have something to aim at. Our brains realize this, and alter reality to give some meaning to our existence……. I just scraped a LOT of paint off my keypad typing that…

  8. mia on

    Thanks everyone for your individually insightful thoughts. Much appreciated. : )

  9. Damith on

    Desire/Hope is something us as humans could never survive with out. It controls every aspect of our lives. Whether we like to admit it or not. We will always want something better than we have. Be it materialistic or otherwise.

    Without hope and desire we are nothing.

  10. mia on

    Thanks Damith : )

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